Lockdown Week 6 In Review

Have you noticed that being rooted down at home seems to highlight all of the resources we already have in our possession?

For me this is a reoccurring thing.

For example:

All the old fabric cuts in the loft = V useful for Reid’s school projects/home learning.

All that wood in the garden we were going to burn = Perfect for making the planters for the decking.

That tin of seeds that’s been sitting in the cupboard for about five years = Scattered on the flowerbeds that we’ve actually – finally – had time to weed.

Those stories I wrote when I was 21 = Sent them to someone who might be able to use them in an animation project.

That book I wrote 13 years go and never sent to the publisher = Read it with Reid and can now see it’s time to rewrite it, add illustrations and see if it’s of interest to my publisher.

They’re just a few examples.

During a bunch of virtual hangouts this week, my conversations with other people have revealed that this is quite a common thread.

It seems that much of the stuff that we haven’t looked at, thought about, considered or remembered in YEARS  – or were simply going to throw away and replace – has now begun revealing previously unseen value.

We’re learning to upcycle.

We’re being trained in sustainability.

Self sufficiency and lateral thinking is becoming the new normal

I wonder how this will change people’s habits in the long term.

I wonder how the psychology of people will progress – or regress – once we begin to move out of the CV epicentre.

Questions and wonderings. Wonderings and questionings.

In the meantime, here’s my Lockdown Week 6 in Review.

Exploring and drawing with a satchel full of pencils and cut up mount-boards.

Botanical commission.

And yes, I do like to draw whilst pairing Superdry active wear with Hollister jumpers.

Walks with these guys.

Bluebell bathing.

Just chatting.

Welcoming in May.

Drawing tropical fish on a large flat stone as a “Get Well Soon” present.

Tricking this lazy princess into getting off the coach and actually coming outside on a walk/run.

Refusing to let the rain stop us in our tracks!

This one cycled to Niton and back 3 times this week.

Structures. It turns out I bloody LOVE structures. When our day has a set routine, rituals, habits and patterns, there’s a sense of being held and supported.

Customers. All of the incredible, supportive and appreciative people who are supporting our make-shift take-away service.

NHS. Covid-19 superheroes. And also how they are looking after our friend’s dear little lad who is poorly.

Adaptability. Being able to use the shift in weather to add another dimension to the kid’s and our lives.

Basically … social media:

Conflicting opinions on everything that’s going on. Scrolling through it is like being washed  along a schizophrenic stream of consciousness.

Trying to avoid getting pulled into other people’s frame of the world and what is happening.

Holding my own truth and centre and focus – despite all of the bad news, fake news, noisy news, confusion news, stats, commentary and general mayhem that is ricocheting around the online world like an AI powered pinball machine on acid.


Full, rich week of creativity, fun and expansion for Rowan and Reid.

For good, positive things to happen to my gorgeous girl, Pix.

To return to my various “challenges” with gusto.

To catch up with a couple of friends who I haven’t spoken to for a week.

Good weather for the garden circuits.

Strong runs.

Completed art commission, signed, sealed and delivered.

That email to come through.


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