Bethan Christopher is a speaker, author and coach. Through the written and spoken word, she translates methods used by some of the greatest thinkers and achievers of our time in to step by step tools that can be applied to every individual – both professionally and personally.

Author of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness, featured in the Times Educational Supplement and Elle magazine, Bethan has now founded the Gorgeousness Programme. This inspiring, dynamic  educational delivery provides not only a thought provoking, interactive experience which challenges teen girls to see themselves and their bodies in a new light, but also offers an on-going methodology for participants to break the glass ceilings that have previously limited their potential.

With her fresh style of delivery and quirky creative expression, Bethan’s signature is her ability to translate powerful success methodology with impact, ease, clarity and humour.

She has coached many professionals including writers, midwives, journalists, photographers, support workers and those in the creative industries to build both a successful profession and mind set. Bethan has delivered success workshops to children across a variety of IOW schools as well as London based homeless youth aged 16-21.

Co-founder of Obelisk Training Ltd, Bethan has co-written and delivers the Life Wheel Programme for Addiction Recovery, helping those who are in the throes of addiction to rebuild their lives by first creating an internal culture of positive change and then by taking inspiration-led action.

Bridging the gap between positive self esteem, success mind set and body image, Bethan is emerging as one of the UKs most empowered coaches and catalysts for positive change.


  • On route to your workshop today I was on the train thinking about how desperate I am to sort my life out, how I need to start achieving my goals. I couldn’t seem to help thinking negatively and my main focus was always on how difficult it would be to achieve my goals. Your training really helped me to look within myself to realise that I can truly make a difference in my life and also in the lives of the young people I am working with. Thank you so much

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