Lockdown Week 8 In Review

This week has been a funny one.

Caused, possibly by the blurry, fuzzed up lockdown rules described by Bozzer last Sunday.

Since that day it feels like my mojo has popped a Valium and my routine has lost it’s core strength.

We’ve been doing stuff, but I’m not sure what. Or how well.

It’s like the energy of my week has matched the national energy of confusion.

And if I’m honest, the lack of structure/confusion bothers me.

All the things I had originally holding me in place seem to have petered out. Everything’s feeling a bit hazy and bumbling.

It’s feeling a bit … Borisish.

Which isn’t good. I don’t want my world to feel like a bumbling Boris.

I want it to feel angled, sexy, tailored and defined.

Less Boris. More Villanelle.

So, tomorrow – on Sunday – I’m taking some time out to recalibrate, debrief and reset.

I will say goodbye to the hazy feeling of Lowndown Phase 1 – the Boris Years.

And hello to Lockdown Phase 2 – The Oksana Diaries.

How this will manifest itself I have no idea, but what I know is this:

If we’re now required to live in a messed -up box set series world, the least we can do is take ownership of the genre.

Here’s my week in review.

I hope yours has been good.

My lovely friend Mandy left a book for me to read on the doorstep.

I read it in the sunshine … with Bristot coffee lifted from TZ.

My mum wanted a Weeping Willow for her birthday.

A very specific Weeping Willow.

The moment the Isle of Wight garden centres opened up on Thursday, I was ON IT.

But it turns out that NOBODY sells them.

At all.

No one.

Thankfully was saved by one of my bestest besties,

who had willow saplings in her wild, remote, field

in a corner that had become a stinging nettle forest.

Who needs garden centres anyway?

Launched a little Facebook raffle to raise funds for the Cambodian god in human form, Phea.

Catch up chats with the Editor for my Rebel Beauty book and discussion about pulling together the illustrations.

Please note the grey streak of hair appearing on my head.

Am morphing into Morticia Adams.

Looking like I’m about to vomit after doing fartlek training on the Undercliff,

then scrabbling up Cripple Path,

before running home stupidly quickly so Adam could go to work

and finding him still in bed drinking coffee and looking innocent and leisurely.


Heading across to my mum’s house whilst she was out and turning her garden into a festival themed blitz of colour and birthday magic.

The Frida Head also made a guest appearance.

And risking sitting THIS close to my mum … who is 68 today … despite all of the bullshit, half baked, funked up, elite-serving rules like you’re allowed to share a car now, get public transport, have nannies and cleaners in your home … but you’re not allowed to hug your mum.

Note both of us have our hands pinned between knee-caps, just in case one of us breaks all the rules and hugs the other.

Happy birthday Mum. xx

Going out on an amazing bike ride with Ads. Nowhere special, but he was on his electric bike and I was on a normal one. Every time we got to a steep hill, he held my handlebar and pulled my bike up with him, really fast! It was like being a kid again.

The generosity of people who have given to the Locking Arms With Phea fund.

The generosity of people who have given prize donations to the Phea Facebook Raffle.

The generosity of people who have bought squares on the grid. We’re nearly there with our goal!!

My mate Kim.

Kim’s Wolf Field and what it does.

My mama.

The fact I still have my mum to walk alongside me in life.

My long lost beloved friends and communities that I’m missing more and more as time goes by, specifically my Bootcamp and training buddies.

My journal.

Kickass Villanelle vibes to replace Floppy Fringe Blurgh.

The capacity and inclination to change things up when things feel stagnant.




…. Not up for writing about challenges today …



Smash the £3K Locking Arms With Phea goal and get the money to him.

Easy, flowing, positive outcome call with my publisher this week about an exciting new project.

Taking ownership of the home ed and reinjecting it with some energy, dynamism and vitality.

Re-established circuit and training routine.

Contrasting sensory experiences: cold water sea swimming, running different routes, rearranging timings, night walks.

Daily juicing.

Zero booze.

Painful, side aching laughter.

Tailored, sexy, sovereign living.

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