Lockdown Week 14 In Review

The other day I received a call from the school to say my youngest can’t go back on June 29th.


The bubble that is his Year 1 class, is now full. Within seconds, my innocent delight at knowing I was going to have four weeks pre August to get my life and work into some order was dashed on the rocks with the pounding glee of a sadistic Neptune who takes bloodthirsty delight in the worn faces of lockdown parents.

I am now inhabiting three distinct personalities:

  • Hippy parent who daydreams about how the next 2 months will be full of surfing, sanding and hanging around in daisy filled meadows with my babies.
  • Evil educational mastermind who is rubbing her hands and working out how to turn this time into some sort of brain lab that will turn my kids into bio-hacked geniuses.
  • Traumatised, wide-eyed rabbit frozen in the middle of a highway with a two month parenting juggernaut racing towards her with lights flashing and horns blaring.

On the flip-side, I now know that I have another two month lockdown “container” in which I can work out how to give myself and my family a fairly enjoyable and possibly richer life experience than they may otherwise have had – if they were at school.

*Runs off sobbing into a cushion*.

Pfff. I’ll work it out.


How are you all?

What’s it like in your world?

Anyone else making up fluffy, possible endings to this madness?

Also, thanks so much to everyone who wrote and told me how much they enjoyed the last series of WIRs.

Sorry I stopped and abandoned ship for a while.

I didn’t realise how happy these made people.

And that’s made me feel really happy too.

Here’s week 14 of lockdown/Covid-19 2020 in review:

Eh? Somehow, Frida the dog managed to get her hair cut before me.

My illustration brief came through for Rebel Beauty, which means most of July will be blocked out doing that.

Making work spaces to start roughing out all the drawings.

Sneaking out at 4am to watch the sunrise on the Solstice.

I took my shoes off, so that my gorgeous friend felt less self conscious about the interesting sandals, non matching socks (with small toe hole) she’d stuffed on her feet in the dark at 3.30am prior to meeting me.

Her footwear was further enhanced by her Willo-the-Wisp style PJ bottoms.

It wouldn’t have been an issue, had it not been a crowd of trendy people gathered in the same spot to also watch the sun rise.

And yes .. that IS Adam’s face smiling at you from my socks.

They were my gift to him two Christmas’ ago. The idea was that with his face on the socks, me and the kids might stop stealing them.

Didn’t work.

Making some major, lockdown induced life-direction decisions.

Teaching my little man-cub to draw nature.

New views. New ventures. New chapters.

Levelling up my runs to 9-10km a day.

New routes.

Same sweaty face!

Enjoying the sense of new starts, new beginnings, flowering and (my) world beginning to open back up again … with a little 6 year old, home educated boy in tow.

I got a hygienist appointment! Yay.

I got a hair appointment booked in. Whoop!

Back to three days a week Bootcamp (outdoors) as of next week.

Flipping awesome people: community, friends, family and new people coming in.


Island networks.

Fresh visions and the people to facilitate the unfolding story.

My gorgeous boys, who I am actually very happy to have at home with me.

My clever, talented, good-man of a man, Adam.

Finding a smuggler cave I’ve been on the look out for.

My body.

Walking a sand labyrinth on a beach at sunset with my wild women friends, then drinking coffee made in a converted truck in a carpark.

Having a good chat with my daughter on the phone and hearing all of her good news.

Insomnia 1: Whole night awake. Very grumpy the next day.

Insomnia 2: Woke at 3am (went running at dawn). Not so grumpy, but tired.

Insomnia 3: Woke at 2.40 due to badgers trying to smash over the bin. Look out of window and lobbed a (light) pinecone at said badger. Badger didn’t even flinch. Then I noticed a fox lying in the middle of the road, also watching the badger. Mesmerised, I gazed at the fox as the fox gazed at the badger, while the badger head butted the bin. In the end I put in earplugs and managed to sleep. Not tired at all the next day.

A brilliant birthday for Roo on Sunday.

Productive meeting with our designers.

Finding next week’s outside Bootcamp easier than I thought it would be.

Smooth, straightforward transitions for the businesses as we prepare to reopen.

Finding the time to make a dent in the illustrations.

Some super powered runs.

Plant based, vitality boosting food.

Fun, connection, bonding and closeness with my children.

Good surf.

Enough bold madness to join my friend Chris at his Rugby training fitness session on Tuesday.

Alternatively, a good enough blag to stop him dragging me up there.

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