Lockdown Week 5 In Review


I can’t believe a whole week has passed since I last posted one of these reviews.

Time is literally bending, popping, twisting and doing a loo-the-loop right now.

How’s everyone doing?

Anyone else feeling a little directionless?

Wandering around, wondering what you can repeat and do again each day?

In my head this week feels exactly the same as last week … and yet, I think that now I’ve looked at all these shots and captions, there are some little differences.

I’m not sure though.

Will have to go and check.

Which is fine … because, honestly?

I haven’t got anything else to do! haha

Reid showed me where the wild tulips grow …

and it turns out he was telling the truth about the “wild bouquet” that he and Rowan brought back home last week.

The face of a circuit torture-queen.

Physical strength-training and fitness was an intrinsic part of my daily routine for about two years prior to Covid-19 and now it’s become a major foundation block in my lockdown day. Movement serves to create structure, but also burns pent-up energy and maintains my mental and emotional equilibrium.

Now they’re home all day, the family have no escape from it either.

I made them a circuit to do too.


Visiting wild coves and tucked away places, where there’s sometimes even a rope swing to be found.

Beautiful flowers that arrived as a thank you from the family I recently did some art commissions for.

Bold as brass buzzard. Seen at very close proximity whilst pausing to catch breath on a windy bike ride.

Living with this one (Adam) as he geared up to prepare for our Tramezzini take-away launch that happened Thursday evening.

I got involved by making little Italian coloured ribbon decorations for all the take-away bags.

Every morning before noon I home educate Reid.

Unless it’s maths.

Then Adam does it.

Afterwards, I take Reid out and we do either skateboarding practise or ride his bike. Th picture above is of a particularly nice place that we’ve been hanging out. A few minutes after this was taken he fell sideways into a ditch full of nettles – which was very sad.

But he was very brave.

And chocolate ice cream made it better.

Spending a lot of time lying on the floor in a patch of sunlight in my bedroom, mucking about with pages and spreads in my bullet journal.

I’m uploading pretty much all of my spreads to Instagram at the moment.

If you’re interested in following or taking a gander, the name is gorgeousness_journaling.

Getting updated pictures of my artwork up in the boutique so people can see how the prints looked framed and hung.

Row teaching me how to skateboard

Amazing TZ customers

Teaching Reid to ride his bike

Bike rides to wonderful places

Power-house network of friends

Securing some awesome endorsements for Rebel Beauty

New art commissions coming in daily

Health, fitness and idyllic jogging routes

Learning about the anatomy of a dragonfly.

Starting “school” after the Easter holidays

Missing family and friends

Kids asking me about maths

Teaching Reid stuff that he doesn’t understand/ want to learn

Communication breakdowns

Staying up too late

More nice weather

A shift from staying up late to early mornings

New a.m. pre-household-wakeup time carving

To surreptitiously steal and begin reading Rowan’s new series of Cathar books

New art commission to flow through the pen with ease, beauty and magic

The positive news I’ve been waiting for to arrive

For my friend’s little boy to be well again

To get a bunch of short stories from 20 years ago typed up and emailed

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