You + Boundaries = Love Life

Setting boundaries can be tough.

Fear of letting people down, disappointing those we love or not being liked can make saying a simple “no” harder than squeezing an octopus into a sardine can then resealing the lid with a cheap corner shop glue stick.

We have, after all, been taught to be “good girls”.

We’ve been taught to “be nice”.

We’ve been taught to “provide and care for others”.

As a result, many of us are overwhelmed, overburdened and fiddling with a stash of resentment in our “good girl, very nice, caring and giving” coat pockets. This has some bad side effects; anger, exhaustion, anxiety, avoidance and general wanting to whack people in the chops instead of skipping through life like Little Miss Happy.

Pocket filled with unspoken resentment
It’s not healthy.

But good boundaries are.

Having the self awareness and confidence to say “yes” and “no” (and mean it) allows us to be more honest with ourselves, more open with others and gives us the strength to step into our own truth and gorgeousness. Our boundaries reflect how we honour ourselves in the same way that we honour others. They are synonymous with our personal truth. Areas of life where boundaries are paramount are …

  • Family and friendship
  • At work
  • Finances
  • Body love
  • Personal space and well being
  • Self love

As you begin to develop a stronger relationship with your Gorgeousness, setting and respecting your own boundaries becomes vital. By doing this you send a powerful message to your subconscious mind about who you are becoming and what you are prepared to allow into your life.

Where in your life do you require a new boundary?

How will you need to show up in order to respect and communicate that boundary to others?

What will you need to do to cement that boundary?

What difference will it make having that boundary in place?

Initially it might feel out of your comfort zone to set up and honour the boundary you are setting and this is a natural thing. Many of us are so unaccustomed to making choices that reflect self care that it can bring up all sorts of feelings of shame and guilt. However, by standing by your boundary and making sure that you are 100% responsible for keeping it (not blaming other people who you allow to cross over) the discomfort will ebb away and you’ll be left with a deep connection to your Self and your Gorgeousness.

Which boundary would you be willing to set up and honour as of today?

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