Are YOU invested in YOU?

Hear the word “invest” and most of us will think of money put into a scheme, business or project … but Google the etymology and you’ll find that the word goes back to the 14th century and means “to clothe in, cover, or surround.”

One minute “invest” is a cold, financial injection.

Next it’s a rich, woolly poncho draped around your shoulders on a chilly winter’s night.


Another way we can look at investing, is as nurturing and growing something that we have deemed worthy of our time and energy. So, finances aside …

How invested are you in your physical health and well being?

How invested are you in your relationships?

How invested are you in bringing your unique message to the world?

How invested are you in finding your passion and purpose in life?

If you want to see dramatic improvements in an area of your life, you need to start investing in it. You must become invested in it. And often, for some crazy human reason, it will be the area that you are totally resisting that is crying out for your investment.

As women, we are really amazing at investing our time, energy, money into our children, our families, our friends, our work, but rarely will we invest in our personal development or loved pursuits.

*How invested are you in your health and well being?

Have you sat down recently and reflected on your energy and stress levels? How often do you have a massage, walk in nature, read books or take classes or workshops that fill your self-care bank? Do you care about your well being? How invested are you? One of the nicest ways to start your day is to go to your kitchen and in your favourite cup or mug, slice up some lemon and then pour over some boiled filtered water. This is great for your body, kick starting your metabolism and flushing you through and it also sends a message to your deep subconscious mind that your self care is a priority. Having my lemon and water in the morning is one of my most powerful self-care actions of the day.

*How invested are you in your relationships?

Some people have a natural flair for wonderful relationships. Others can struggle and because of this will undervalue the people in their lives. In truth, life means very little without the people we love around us and like flowers that need watering, these connections require love and time to thrive. Is there a relationship in your life that could do with some TLC? Could you invest a little more of yourself into your marriage, your children or your parents? No one is here forever, including ourselves and now is the only time any of us have to truly love.

*How invested are you in bringing your message to the world?

I believe that everything happens for a reason and certain people are supposed to connect up in this world. Out of the bazillion websites and blogs you could be reading right now, here you are, meeting me in this space and I want to offer you this idea: if you are here, then you have a message to the world and it’s your job to deliver this message. Bringing your message to the world may not just be though the written or spoken word. It might be through classes you teach, a hobby you have or an art form that you bring to life. Are you invested in a vehicle that allows you to bring your message to the world?

*How invested are you in finding your passion and purpose?

If the above didn’t resonate because you are struggling to know your purpose or message, how invested are you in finding that thing? This can be a really tough on if you have no idea what your “thing” is … but think about how much you will grow, evolve and become in the journey of discovering it. I spent years thinking that my purpose was to become a writer. After my first two books were published I felt completely flat. It was only when I opened myself to finding my message and wrote Grow Your Own Gorgeousness in 2008 that I realized my writing was actually just a vehicle to get out the message that I was put here to give.

I invite you to make yourself a cup of your favourite beverage, sit in your favourite chair, take out a beautiful journal and draw a picture of the one thing that you KNOW you should be investing in more. Now draw a big heart around that picture and sign it. Commit to the action. Commit to the investment. Commit to your SELF.

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