Why You MUST Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

One of the most uncomfortable things about becoming WHO we were truly born to be is that we are going to have to step out of our comfort zone.


We have to step over the boundary of safe, warm, mole skin softness and into the prickly, scratchy terrain of “eek”.


The costs and payoffs to stepping out of your comfort zone
At first this can sound down-right scary, however as a woman who is committed to embodying her unique gorgeousness and living a life that reflects this, you’ve got to become accustomed to the feeling of “uncomfortable”.

It’s horrible – I know.

But this is just the way it is.

In my early days of speaking, the idea of standing up in front of groups of people was terrifying.

I remember an entire summer once being ruined because I had a delivery on the last day of August. During that delivery I’d be presenting a key-note on a programme that I was looking to take forward. As the big day drew closer, I became more and more afraid but I kept on reminding myself that if I wanted to take my message out to the world, I had to embrace the oppurtunities that emerged and truly expand into my greatest self.

The meeting happened.

I spoke.

I screwed one bit up.

I saved it.

I got the contract.

The programme was delivered – successfully – and many lives were elevated as a result.

When you can suck up your discomfort and do “it” anyway, you know that you are leaning into your growing edge. This requires risk and a willingness to commit to your dreams and goals. Each time you do it, you increase your capacity to face the unknown and this allows us to take on bigger, better, more powerful roles. Thankfully, as you become accustomed, the feeling will change. Anxiety develops into excitement and discomfort becomes a signal of success.

If you are truly invested in living a bold life then you will need to learn to walk on the hot coals of discomfort.

I am inviting you now to step out of your current comfort zone an get a acquainted with the unknown. First though, take a few moment to imagine what could happen if you did. Imagine where this new terrain could lead you!

What are the five areas that you would like to grow in your life?

Which one makes are you most afraid of changing?

What would it feel like if you were able to make that change?

What tiny baby step into the unknown could you take out of your comfort zone in that area?

What would you do now if you realized that the next step of your evolution and growth balanced on that one little action?

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