Sunday Sage: 5 Tips For Zen

Start every week with a clear idea of what you would like to experience. A cool tool is to literally “name” each week with the main experience you want to have. For example, if you want some flow and ease, call out the week as “Serenity”. If you want to get a job done or close a project, call out the week as “Full Stop”. By getting super clear on your intention, it sets your subconscious compass towards the direction you desire, then you can chill out and let it go a little.
I am such a victim of NOT doing this, so if you have a habit of booking yourself solid until 12 midnight in a weird frenzy of over-production, you aren’t alone. But please trust me … your Inner Sage hates this. As women who are committed to honouring ourselves, we’ve GOT TO REMEMBER that like a room, it’s the space in our lives that make them habitable.
A good little tool here is to choose anchor points during each day where you can stop and become conscious of your breathing. Be aware that there are physical and psychological effects to conscious breathing, so choose your timing well, ie. during a boring meeting, whilst at traffic lights, during your child’s weekly parent’s assembly.
My Rune Ur continues to haunt this blog! Seriously though, we do change through challenging ourselves. Try and choose one thing per week that feels awkward, then do it. This can be as simple as saying “no” to a pushy person. Protecting and honouring our Inner Sage means setting clear boundaries s that our precious time isn’t eaten up with energy vamps. If you find saying no a little uncomfortable, remember that 5 minutes of awkward shuffling is worse than three weeks of left over resentment.
Have you ever given freely and received nothing in the way of a thank you? It doesn’t exactly set you up to want to give more, does it?

The same thing is true of life. When we acknowledge the good things that we’re grateful for, not only will we attract in more goodness, but we also press pause on our scarcity mind-set and realise how rich we really are. Knowing that we are secure, loved and supported allows a renewed inner peace to infuse our lives and this sets our Inner Sage up for seven days worth of chamomile tinted Tranquillity.

Do you have any tips for weaving your Sage Zen through the week?

If you do, pop them into the comments on the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Facebook page. I would love that!

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