A Gorgeous Week In Review

Out driving through the country with the children, I slowed down by this cottage.

When I was little I called it “the Gnome House” and longed to live there. The cottage’s real name is “Rock Cottage” and all these years later I’ve only just realised why.

It was Ads that pointed out the “rock” on the opposite side of the road …

I leapt out of the car and scrambled through the ivy to get a picture.

After all these years, I’d been so busy drooling over the Gnome House that I’d NEVER ONCE noticed this rock.

Maybe this is the Gnome of the Gnome House?

Fresh, new, invigorated, vibrant Sharpies …

Finding spaces to sit, breathe and read my new book.

Loving the collection of gourds and pumpkins that keep appearing in our cheffy home.

Chewing the cud – and laughing at nuttiness – with my gorgeous girl up on the Downs.

Helping birth this gruesome trio for our spooky Halloween Party.

* Standing by the harbour in Yarmouth, pointing out the boats and rigging to Reid, then walking along the pier with Charlie and Jack.

* Being graced the time to shift a load of logs to the new log-store, empty and declutter the cupboard under the stairs, completely clear and clean the summer house from top to bottom and then smudge the property (all in one day … with the Man Cub helping!)

* Getting excited with Aysha about textured paper for  her art homework cupcake collage.

* Massive leaf fight in the woods with Ads and the children.

* Increasing awareness around what I want in my life through seeing what I don’t want in my life.

* The nudge to slow down.

* Good friends.

* The smell of Reid’s hair (at the moment of feeling like I’ve lost the plot due to a million demands from a million people) and being brought back to the now.

* Finishing artwork for the Wight Trash Art Auction.

* Sending work off to an arts company for possible licencing.

* That I get to write amazing things about amazing things and people every day.

* Flow with upcoming November writing schedule.

* A good first week back at school for Aysha and Ro.

* Peace.

* Yoga.

* Presence.

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