23rd Oct – A Gorgeous Week In Review

hearts appearing everywhere

parcelling up grow your own gorgeousness books and sending them off to new homes

off to do an interview with a woman who build her business based on an intuition

cold, autumn walk though empty fields and up the fluffy mountain with a gorgeous little gnome for company

creating the text for rowan’s positive affirmation wall art

inking in rowan’s wall art

a much needed walk with reid and ads to my soul centre, the longstone, in mottistone.

i was riddled with anxiety about something that had occurred.

the stone was flooded in sunlight and speckled with exotic ladybirds.

i sat on the grass and did a meditation. a ladybird landed on my knee.

i could hear crickets strumming their creaky guitars and little insects playing their mandolins.

had an overwhelming sense that making space in our day just to BE, to indulge in simple BEING in PLACES that make us joyful is not needed … but essential.

afterwards we walked back down the track, past the cows 3 times.

3 times reid wriggled down to the grass and ran back to the longstone to study the ladybirds again.

3 times we ran back.

the last time i showed him how to touch the stone, make a wish and then say “goodbye”.

he does what he does whenever he says goodbye … gave the stone a kiss.

the kiss left a snotty imprint as he has a cold at the moment.

i think he was surprised that the stone didn’t pucker up and kiss him back.


aysha, rowan and reid

daily yoga since clare challenged me on tuesday

the friends who know my heart and touch it gently

gorgeous Italian roast at Tramezzini with sweet family

interview with Yaz

meeting with the person heading up The Well Being Experience regarding a January event

dinner and chewing the cud with crime authors, Carol and Bob Bridgestock

completing Rowan’s poster

3 AMAZING runs that left me *slightly* aching the next day

my lovely mum, who has just flown off to south america for 5 weeks


my beautiful island home

places that hold my roots even when my roots feel thin

good sleep

the kids to have an amazing half term holiday and Halloween

deep rest

daily yoga

juicy writing

to move reid up to his nursery

schedule going to plan

beautiful memories made

to complete my *signed* copy of Killer Smile given as a gift to me by the Bridgestocks

to make good art

What blessings have made your week beautiful? What have you got on your upcoming wish list?

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