Moon-day Mindset – Love Your Thing

Think of your THING.

It’s the secret thing that you think about when driving to work …. The one you become so enthralled by that you go straight through red lights?

It’s the thing that you mull over in your head or you drift off and long for whilst the man in your life (or your mum) patiently explains something very longwinded that you can’t remember because you weren’t listening.

It’s the thing you really would like to HAVE.

  1. Think of the THING now.
  2. Next think “I CAN have that” (As you think this, swoosh yourself up with this massive WOW-ish, Oh My GOD … I can ACTUALLY HAVE THAT!!! … sort of feeling).
  3. Now think “I LOVE THAT I CAN HAVE THIS!” (Fill up on that lovely sense of receiving the most amazing unexpected birthday/Christmas present EVER).
  4. Finally think “THANK you my gorgeous little Gorgeousness!”

Why do this? Well …

  1. Thinking of The Thing and connecting it to “I can have that!” opens you up to limitless possibility. Instead of focusing on all the reasons why you can’t have your Thing or getting caught in “I wish I could”, thinking I CAN creates an affirmative and open-minded space of “it is possible.” This is fertile and powerful ground to be standing on.
  2. Thinking “I LOVE THAT I CAN HAVE THIS” has you oozing positive feelings and confidence that the Thing is possible to achieve and that YOU have all resources to create it. This triggers good chemicals in your brain which act as conductors between brain cells and suddenly all of your thinking/creative powers jump to life. And you are a clever sausage, so you have a lot of thinking/creative powers. These are the powers that will spot the ideas, oppurtunities and realisations that will help you bring your Thing much closer to you.
  3. There are two reasons for thinking “THANK you my gorgeous little Gorgeousness”.
a)      By the time you’ve filled up on “I can” and “I love”, you’ll be bursting with LOVELINESS and there’s a chance you might compulsively kiss a stranger. And that stranger might be your boss. Or a traffic warden.  Which could be inappropriate (or could get you a free parking space/promotion but we don’t know, so lets not go there). So instead of walking into work and snogging the first face you see, one needs to RELEASE the Gorgeousness by saying “thank you.” Sense how you feel when you say “thank you”. Try it now. It’s a very Givey-Outy sort of feeling. By releasing the THANK YOU, all of the Gorgeousness can BURST out in a great shower of starburst juicester gratitude. 

b)       By thanking YOUR GORGEOUSNESS you affirm that everything you need to achieve your Thing is inside you. You are your greatest source of Gorgeousness. You don’t have to know it, just have faith that it’s in you and thank it.

 Do this process every time you think of your Thing and see what happens this week. If you don’t have a Thing go and get yourself one quick.

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