Monday Mindset – Miracle Growth


What was THAT?

Oh – just 2012 flashing past like a mad flock of parakeets.

Do you feel that at all? The weeks whooshing by? Scary stuff- especially when the UK has felt more swampy than summery lately. There were moments last week when I felt like I was stepping out into the heart of a great mushy thundercloud, bruised like a pear, each time I left my home. Everything was foggy, heavy and humid and I thought “where is summer? Where are the weeks going?”

I wanted to grab Moon-day by the scruff of her feathers and yell, “SLOW DOWN!”, then give her a massive hug and whisper “it’s okay. You don’t have to rush so much.”

Weeks are funny old birds, don’t you think?

They are like a twittering flock of days that take us from one Moon-day to the next.

Some weeks are colourful and wild and free. They hold holidays, trips to see friends, festivals and cultural deliciousness. They deposit us into the next week and we sit there for a moment, dazed, feeling that we’ve travelled around the world and back. Were seven days enough to contain THAT much growth and delight?

Other weeks contain some sort of traumatic happening; an unexpected accident where you or someone you love winds up in hospital. Or suddenly you feel a bit queer, then the next thing you know you’ve ended up in bed all week with flu. Or perhaps someone dies, or your relationship breaks down and what should have been a *normal” week becomes the *worst week of your life*.

Most of the the year, however, seems to be made up from pretty nondescript weeks. Days that roll into each other, all containing the same songs, patterns and routines …. Getting up, going to work, stressing about the little things, wondering what to give the kids for dinner …

Sometimes in all the humdrum weeks, we can forget that we are Gorgeous Little Creators. Yes, there are some weeks where life unexpectedly throws us a plate of dirt, but for many of the weeks, we are in control. And if we are in control – why aren’t we creating Fabulous, Gorgeous, Ecclectically Colourful Weeks?  I am a massive believer that if you approach the next seven days with a Gorgeousness mind-set you can make *THIS* week rear out of your year like a vibrant jungle mountain of lushness and colour. To do this, you could simply …

  1. Decide when your week ends and begins. (As a kid my week ended on Friday when school finished. Now I am grown up and a mum, coach, business woman, creative and entrepreneur. My week now finishes when the pressure lets up for a day. When this happens is interchangable.)
  2. Once you have decided where your week starts and finishes, visualise the week. How do you feel about it right now? Does it feel good, energised, exciting? What emotions does the week ahead bring up? Maybe it feels like a ravine that needs scaling? I know THAT feeling well. Or does your week feel flat and nondescript? Maybe it feels breathtakingly wonderful … as though anything is possible? Write a list of all the words you’d use to describe the week ahead.
  3. Next compare how you currently feel about THIS week to how you would feel if you were on the brink of a weeks holiday somewhere beautiful. How different would your mindset be? How different would your body feel? How different would your attitude be?
  4. Now merge the image of your current week ahead with the feelings of going on holiday … the relaxation, the adventure, the chilled vibes. NAME the week ahead something that inspires you, instead of just “the week commencing July 2nd, 2012”. My week ahead is going to be called “Rainforest Jungle Spa Week.” I intend to make this the week when I nourish my mind, body and soul with the most mineral rich energy I possibly can. I intend to carry these exotic well being vibes wherever I go – into work, the school, my home and my relationships.
  5. Once you’ve named your week, see yourself flowing through the upcoming days and emerging out the other end – next Moon-day – feeling rejuvenated, re-inspired, flourishing, laughing and full of gorgeousness glow.
  6. Now, approach every day with your chosen mind-set (Exotic Rainforest Jungle Spa mindset?) and determine to make this week one that delights you.


What was that?

The sound of me slapping your bottom and sending you off onto your way in case you had drifted off into a beautiful Zen spa in your head.

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