Which hat are you wearing to the festival?

The other day Ads happened to mentioned once again that we’d hit a tropical weather front and the Isle of Wight festival was going to be a total wash-out.

“Do you have to keep doing that?!” I exploded so suddenly that the cat fell off the side of the bed.

“What?” yelped Ads.

“Rumour-MONGERING!” I declared angrily. “Do you have to keep reminding me that we’ve hit a bloody tropical weather front and the Isle of Wight Festival is going to be a wash out? That the camping field is a quagmire. That the main stage is sinking?”

Ads started to laugh. “Whoa, where did THAT come from?”

“Because I’m dreading it,” I muttered, getting up and grabbing some washing which I proceeded to huffily fold (only time I ever approach washing with vigour is when grumpy). “Do you think I actually want to:

  1. Camp in MUD
  2. Camp in MUD whilst haemorrhaging money
  3. Camp in the MUD whilst haemorrhaging money, being harassed for pot noodles by two exhausted children who have been jumping on my head since 4am that morning when the sun came up (albeit a sun behind a rain cloud).
  4. Have gritty eyeball, swollen eyelid syndrome.
  5. Get out of tent and wander about in more MUD. And rain?”

I didn’t mention that the cherry on this gorgeous appealing pavalova of a festival fun is the fact that when we went last year it was before the break up of my marriage and I am petrified that everywhere I look will be heart-sodden memories.

You are probably wondering why the heck I’m going.

I am wondering why the heck I’m going.

Ads was wondering the same thing as us. “Why are you even going?” he asked, perplexed.

“Children? Begging? Jessie J? (I don’t even LIKE Jessie J). We had such great fun last year even though it was raining, Mum? Please, please, please, please, please? Can we decorate the whole tent in flags and bunting? Can we take curry flavoured Pot Noodles? Thank you so much Mum! We LOVE the festival!”

Throw into the bundle some “my children are from a broken home” guilt and wah-lah … there’s the reason.

Ads shook his head. He picked up a t.shirt and started to fold with me. “Babe, your mind set is so wrong. I can’t believe you teach this stuff and yet you still fall into your own trap of negative thinking.”

I raised an eyebrow and continued folding. Translated this meant, “Keep Talking But Be Very Careful What You Say”.

“You’re mind set is completely focused on how bad everything is going to be. No wonder you are dreading it. And not only that but, if you go there with this head space it’s 100% sure you are going to have a horrible time. How are you even going to start enjoying yourself if all you are doing is looking for the bad?”

And he was so right. My mind set was colouring everything. It was like a mushy, muddy gauze festival hat that I had pulled down over my head and eyes so everything I saw looked rubbish.

“You could change your mind set and start thinking about how many good bands you’re going to see?”

“I suppose loads of friends will be there. People I haven’t seen since last year,” I added.

“And you’ll meet other people.”

“I could get more bunting and make our tent a festooned, flag monstrosity of Gorgeousness?” I perked up, folding socks. I never fold socks. Socks get rolled with their partner (if they have one) and if not they get stuffed in the drawer solo.

Ads looked unsure about the bunting festooned tent, but I didn’t notice for I was experiencing a massive mindset shift. And now, LOOK!

A brand new festival mind set hat! It is covered is vibrant peacock feathers, colourful fabrics and little Australian corks that dangle down. This hat sings out, how can I resist;

  1. 1. Creating the most epic, fun weekend for my beautiful children who I love?
  2. 2. Decorating our tent so that it makes people walking past grin?
  3. 3. Getting organised and taking nice food and Yorkshire tea, not just Curry Flavoured pot noodles?
  4. Getting some blackout things to put over the kids eyes at night so they sleep (and earplugs)?
  5. Preparing to see all my most vibrant, colourful festival tribe?
  6. Creating some amazing, positive, happiest ever memories?

Creating a Gorgeous mind set is everything, you know? I know … but I forget and I’m SUPPOSED to remember because it is what I do for a living. I have so much gratitude to Ads for reMINDing me that nothing is pre-set as it can always be shifted. If we aren’t aware of how our mind set effects our actions and perceptions then our days, weeks and lives can never be reset.

Mindsets are clever. They’re wily. They are camouflaged against what we believe life is.

Look at your mindset today. What hat are you wearing? Why not make a quick list about everything you expect your day/weekend/month/year to be. If you are considering TODAY as being less than sensational, then go into your Gorgeousness Closet and pull out a different mindset hat.

After all, today is all we have.

It will never come again.

So wear the most flamboyant hat you can muster, you gorgeous, gorgeous thing.

Am now off to drag tent out of loft.

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