Hearts and the Green Eyed Monster

Whilst the human heart is celebrated for having lots of gorgeous and honourable qualities, it is not without its dark side.

One of the lesser mentioned – but really unpleasant – feelings of the heart is envy.

Today, I’m making this post short and sweet.

I want to let you know that it is pretty much impossible to avoid comparing ourselves with others at times.

The key to reworking this energy-zapping experience is to use the Green Eyed Heart Monster to our advantage.


Think of a person who you are compelled to compare yourself to. This person, in your eyes, seems to have it better than you in all the areas of life that you would love to thrive in.


Grab a pen and paper. List what it is about this person’s life that seems better than yours. What brings up your Green Eyed Monster? Does this person have more freedom, love, better relationships? Do they get to do the things that you deeply wish that you could do?


Look at your list and become aware that the things that make you feel envious are actually arrows that point to your heart’s desires. Becoming aware of your heart’s desires is vitally important as it directs you towards what you should be aiming for.


Visualise the person whose life triggers envy in you and start to transmute that envy into a different emotion. As you imagine the person, get a sense that their success in any one area means that success is possible for everyone – including YOU.


Gradually shift yourself into a space where you can look at that person and celebrate their success at having YOUR heart’s desire because it is a sign that YOU can create it too.

When we consciously celebrate and feel thankful for what others have, we will naturally begin attracting that same experience to ourselves.

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