Grow The Love In Your Life

Hello darling ones.

This is a super short, sweet and simple little post on the subject of the Heart and Love.

I’ve found through my coaching work that often, when people really desire love in their lives – not just intimate love, but loving relationships in their families and communities – they start to really focus in on where the love is lacking.

This leads on to feelings of isolation – an energy that often repels people around us, without them even knowing why!

Today, if you are looking for more love to flow into your life, I invite you to write down everything you receive. If you receive money, write it down. Write down any compliments, gifts, kind  gestures, helpful feedback, lessons, or anything else you receive today.

To allow love into our lives, we have to give ourselves permission to receive it.

What’s more, the thing we put our attention on will always grow.

Pay attention to the love you are receiving … and notice how much more starts flooding in.

Love from Bethan. XX


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