Where Is Your Love Zone?

Today Ads and I are off to Paris – City of Love!

Er – no. This isn’t us.

BUT, isn’t it funny how Paris represents love? I am very curious to see if I feel the woozy, romance infuse my blood stream as we drink coffee, gaze at art and gawp at the walls in our …. illustrated hotel.


The hotel is illustrated.

I will bring back photos as proof.

And in the same way that Paris is the City of Love … Glastonbury Tor is considered the Heart Chakra of the world.

Did you know that?

Places are literally assigned the “zone of the heart”.

Bring this down to a microcosmic level, and (if you believe in Fung Shui) we  even have an area of our home that represents our love and relationship life.

I thought it would be fun to have a play with this today!

If you fancy sprucing up this area of your life before Valentines Day, here’s how:

Locate your love and relationships area by using the Bagua Map below. Simply orient this map over the floor plan of your home depending on the wall where the main entrance is found.

Your front door will fall in the bottom quadrant of the map. Therefore, your love and relationships area will be the back right corner of your home.

Now check out what is in that corner.

Take a picture of the area.

Is it filled with clutter?

Is it beautiful and well appointed?

Is there something broken or never used there?

According to the ancient art of Fung Shui, whatever is in the love and relationship area of your home will affect that area of your life.

If it’s clutter, go through that clutter and get rid of it ASAP. If there’s something broken, move it immediately.

If there’s nothing there, what could you put in that corner that makes you feel loved, loving or that relationships to you?

I’d love to hear how you got on with this!

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