Drink ‘de Aqua

Life Design Action: Drink de’ Aqua

Requires: A water drinking habit

Does not require: Coffee, tea, energy drinks, fizz


I am drinking a LOT of water. My new accessory is a 2 litre bottle of Evian.

I have a vivid memory of feeding Pix when she was a baby, then my other half walking in and staring at me in horror. Apparently my face looked like a shrivelled walnut – all due to feeding a baba and not drinking enough to replenish my liquid supplies.

I don’t like scaring people I live with.

So, this time around it is different. I am drinking Evian like it is the fountain of youth (partly due to walnut-avoidance and partly due to the fact I don’t want to drink caffine and give the Man Cub a spike of wake-up juice when he could be otherwise schmoozing and partly because … well, drinking water is good for me).

Its funny when you start doing something and realise that you should have been doing it all along. Do you ever find that? Whenever I do a little session of Yoga, I always get the same thought which is, “My GOD, why did I ever stop this? Why have I not done it in SO long?”

Thankfully I had already established a pretty good water habit prior to the baby arriving so it hasn’t been such a big change to make. If you want to start doing something good for your Gorgeousness, drinking da’ aqua is a very good way to begin. It makes you better in so many ways. For example:

1. Better energy

The House of Bethan

Who can say no to more energy?

No one!

Water is used by the body to help flush out toxins and waste products. If your beautiful vessel lacks the right amount of aqua, your heart and other vital organs need to pump out oxygenated blood to all cells and they (the organs) all get exhausted. Which means we will too. By keeping our insides lubed up, we have more energy to dance and be wild!

2. Better mood.

The House of Bethan

Because your body feels fine on the liquid diamonds, YOU get to feel all uplifted too.

3. Better exercise

The House Of Bethan

Water regulates your body temp. That means you will feel more energised when out running, jumping, spinning or whatever you do to keep your vessel in good fitness. Water also helps to fuel your muscles so you can run up mountains.

4. Better brain

The House of Bethan

Your brain is made up of 90% water. By drinking lots (up to 16 cups of H20 a day), you will think better, be more alert and be able to concentrate more.

5. Better skin

The House of Bethan

 Water helps to replenish skin tissue, moisturizes skin and increases skin elasticity, which means you reduce your changes of scaring the children/other half/yourself when hung over or breastfeeding.

6. Better Gorgeousness All Around

The House of Bethan

 Combine all of the above and you will be performing at peak Gorgeousness.

Such a lot of benefits from a simple little thing.

If STARTING THE WATERY HABIT all sounds too much, try this:

 Begin to associate certain times of the day or actions with having a quick glass of the diamond fluid. For example, every time I unlocked the venue to my workshops I would switch on the lights, switch on the heating and swig a quick glass. If you can begin to link certain trigger points in your day with having a sup of water, it will quickly and easily infiltrate your routine without having to make a massive effort.

The House of Bethan

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