Bring On The Power Hour

Life Design Action: Bring on the Power Hour

Requires: An hour. Some power.

Does not require: A boxing ring.


What do you do if you are facing the ultimate clash of the titans?

Titan One = cloud of helium balloon Inspired Ideas that you want to turn into reality.

Titan Two = Procrastination, putting stuff off, writing lists but not actioning them …

The Answer = Have a Power Hour.

Bethan Christopher

The Power Hour is 60 minutes of pure, ultimate action that powers you towards your goal. 

For me, I know that I need to start bringing in a Power Hour when the living room coffee table becomes a dumping ground for paper work.

I am very good at sorting the paper work into piles: the bill pile, the work pile, the books I want to read pile and the pile of creative stuff I promised myself I’d complete pile. After the piles have been there for more than a week or two however, I know that the titan of Procrastination has begun to take over and that is when the Power Hour needs to be brought in.

Bethan Christopher

Here is how to take out the Procrastination Titan and doosh him …


Sit down with a bit of paper and write down the 1 Inspired Idea you want to create in your life or the 1 outstanding TYHTD (Thing You Have To Do).

Now break that down into 10 main elements that need to be covered.

Next ask yourself this, “if I had just one hour today to move this idea forward, what are the three most productive actions I could take?”

You will know the answer to this question at once. It may be an email you need to send, a letter that needs to be drafted, a booklet that needs to be written. It might be something that needs to be purchased, a call you need to make, or a place you need to go. Whatever you write down, make sure it can be fitted into 1 hour.


Do what it says on your list.

Even if the task you’ve set yourself is really gruesome – like accounts – or calling the accountant … Just DO IT. This is your Power Hour and you need to use it wisely.

bethan christopher


Repeat step one, but now write down the next three steps you have to take.

So simple.

With every hour you spend setting and achieving small actionable goals, the Procrastination Titan deflates. Before you know it, he won’t even be able to get into the clashing ring and your helium balloons will have become hot air balloons, taking you effortlessly forward into the gorgeous life that you are designing.

If you were to dedicate one Power Hour to something today, what would that thing be?


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