Infuse Yourself With Energy

Life Design Action: Infuse Yourself With Energy 

Requires: Valuing the body, valuing the self, valuing living life to the full

Does not require: Red Bull, Mountain Dew, artificial stimulants or downers like “I don’t have time … or the energy …”


One of the most precious commodities we have in life is our energy. When I say energy, I mean our vitality, our mental, emotional and physical resource of life force.

Without energy we’re stuck in the mud.

The House of Bethan

We are unable to do the things we want to do or go to the places we want to go. We are unable to engage in our relationships or activities with the same passion and vigour and our performance is affected.

For many people, the answer to lost energy is Quick Fix. In the last few decades a myriad of artificial stimulants have become available. From sugar, to energy drinks, to your double shot espresso, its easy to turn to these in an attempt to boost up the engines, yet the body’s vitality takes an even steeper nose dive once the initial spike wears off.

I’ve spent years in attempts to regulate my energy. I have roller-coasted along the “replace lunch with a cake, then crash/burn and whack in some carbs as well” ride. I have also done a lot of coffee drinking in my time. However, since creating the Gorgeousness concept, writing the book and setting out on that journey of radiance, getting my body back into its natural state/functions has become a major priority.

I know I can not create in my world the things I want to create if my energies are not at their best.

Now, with this beautiful, gorgeous, scrummy little baby lighting up the Sanctuary there has been a great big shift in what I can do, what I can’t do, when I can sleep and when I can even manage to finish my lunch.

Thankfully, I was well prepared for the complete annihilation of energy that comes with sleepless nights and to combat this, I have made sure that I am doing everything I can to maintain peak energy as much as possible. In the weeks that led up to the birth, I went as far as to make a wellness plan to support my energy.

So far it is going well. In fact, its going so well that I’m wondering if, with a little intention and focus, I could experience even MORE energy than I had before the birth. Imagine that?! Being able to fully engage in normal life, with normal energy, even though your sleep patterns are more scribbly than a toe-written signature written whilst pissed.

Over the next week and a half I’m going to post on the subject of energy, ways you can improve yours (even if you feel amazing, there is always a new level of amazing to reach), whilst updating you on what I’m doing to maintain mine.

To kick you off (if you fancy a little Energetic Infusion) here are five questions of Gorgeousness to help you set some intention, get you thinking about your energy levels, where you’d like them to be and how you can start getting your peak vitality frothing so you can unfurl your gifts into this amazing planet …

Where are my energy levels between 1-10 at this moment?

How do I usually combat low energy? (eg. Eating sugar fix foods, coffee etc)

What does having low energy cost me in my life?

What would I do differently in my life if I had the ultimate energy and vitality?

How would I like my energy levels to be by summer 2014?

 The House Of Bethan

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