Botanic Gorgeousness Journal: An Adventure Into The Florosphere

Ideas are born.

We plant them like little seeds and nurture them daily, sprinkling on some water and thoughts and kindness.

Other days we pat in a few actions to help them on their way.

And then we sit in the sunshine.

Have a cup of tea.

Watch the patch.

As winter turns to spring, you notice that a tiny little shoot of manifestation has appeared from the ground.

And that’s when you know that you’ve planted a bloody good bulb of an idea.

This week I have had the pleasure of seeing an idea sprout into something gorgeous.

It was a bulb I planted back in January, when I decided to change my goal setting practice and create a central quality of BEING as my main intention.

I chose the quality of Well Being.

Because last year I was stressed. Too much.

As soon as I set this as my intention, my way of working, living and doing started to shift and adjust its position.

Then  I had this really lovely idea of approaching the Ventnor Botanic Gardens about creating a Well Being Experience Adult Colouring Book (allowing me to sit around in patches of sunshine, bathing in nature and drawing flowers – which sounded sooooo tough.)

Then I met John.

John is the characterful, passionate and power-house of a force that sits in the VBG driving seat.

We drank coffee.

We thrashed it out.

John loved the idea of the book too.

We decided to collaborate.

Since then, I’ve been patting and sprinkling water on the patch of the VBG Adult Colouring Book. This pre-shoot nurture has involved lots of research, conversations with botanists, story gathering with historians … and a lot of tea drinking.

Then, this week, the first shoots of actual CREATION emerged!

Yes, I, Bethan Christopher, the woman who speaks, and coaches and writes and arts-it-up …

I, the Bethan, who has a toddler around her feet and regularly starts twenty things daily yet finishes few …

I, the Bethan, who declared herself Not-An-Artist

… has spent the last week sitting at a very calm farmhouse table, with a real-proper-professional drawing board, a pot of pens and pencils … and began the Ventnor Botanic Gardens Adult Colouring Book.

And in the process of tending my Creative Project Patch, I’ve unearthed some Very Interesting Pottery.


We are talking serious treasure-like chunks of information and miscellaneous wonder.

I’m not even sure if this treasure has any place on this blog, but I don’t care because I have to share it with you.

And in light of recently becoming the Goddess of Scissors/Decisions, and becoming decision assertive, I’d like to introduce you to the Botanic Gorgeousness Journal: An Adventure Into The Florosphere … For the weeks in which I am working on the book, I want to take you on an adventure that spans from Ventnor Botanical Gardens into dynasties of China, tea plantations and the Opium Wars.

I’m not really sure where the adventure will lead us, but one thing I do know … there’s going to be an amazing Adult Colouring Book at the end of it.

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