I have a jeee-ooooh-cy announcement to make about the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Adult Colouring Book.


You can now download pages and pages of life-enhancing affirmations, wrapped up with beautiful illustrations by my own fair hand and it’s ALL YOURS FOR NOWT!

This book sold MASSIVELY well and I sold out of copies some time ago. And because I’ve now begun the Ventnor Botanical Gardens Adult Colouring Book Project, I feel that this book needs to be given light wings to fly into the world.

To capture this butterfly-book before it flutters by, this is what ya gotta do:

1. Simply click here and you will be taken to the boutique.

2. Add the free and mega beaut  Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Adult Colouring Book to your cart for £ zilch.

3. Click buy and then whizz across to your inbox.

(If the download cannot be seen, check your junk box.)

4. Print on high quality (200g) white card

5. Get your finest selection of inkables.

6. Colour, absorb the affirmations and let the corresponding feelings infuse their magic into your soul.

7. Once you’ve finished each page, you could use it as a positive affirmation poster and plaster your home in some vibrant positivity.

8. Or you could scan/photograph your pic and share on your social media, turning your wall into a glorious stream of colour.

9. Or you could simply hold the sacred pages and breathe their magic.

It’s your book now.

I hope you love it.

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