Parisian Scissor Wisdom

What do scissors and decisions have in common?


CIS is the etymological root of both words and means “to cut away”.

Scissors cut paper. And hair. And fabric. And nails.

Decisions cut away options.

They cut away all other routes so that one path can be walked.

My Friendly Parisian Unravelling gave me a show-reel of my decision-making past.

The concluding evidence highlighted that I’ve been a bit floppy on the decision making front  I’ve have been the ultimate fence-sitting, hedge-betting, menu-passing decision flake EVER.

Of course, some decisions are easy, clear cut and obvious, so they are easy to make.

But others are foggy, blurry and tricky.

Things like …

Should I stay or go?

Should I go this way or that?

Which one (or two, or three) paths do I commit to?

I’ve even invented a grand story to get myself off the decision making hook.

Apparently as a “creative person”, I need to feel free (in business, in life, in my writings and my other pursuits) and that to commit to one path would be some sort of crime against my personal humanity.

My meltdown in the Beetlejuice themed boutique hotel disagreed.

The meltdown pointed out “you don’t commit and make the decisions because you are frightened that you’ll make the wrong choice.

So instead you sit.

Hold the space.

Remain stuck and still, frozen in one place, overwhelmed with ideas and options and pathways which are breeding and growing and leaping and bouncing over your spinning head like bunnies on Rabbit-Viagra.”

I listened and nodded and then awkwardly prodded the “Not Committing Keeps Me Free” story under the bedside table.

I didn’t retrieve it when the meltdown was over, but instead left it for the chambermaids to find.

I hope they didn’t think it was a tip!

 And returning from France, I made a cut and dry decision to become a Goddess of Decision Making.

As an etymology geek, kitchen table historian and lover of language, I then investigated the root of the word decision.

This was when I discovered the scissor connection.

And I thought, “Great. Scissors are the perfect wand for a Goddess Of Decision.”

Also, I am pretty sharp with a pair of scissors.

So, brandishing my metaphorical blades, I looked at my life like a big stretch of creative possibility and I started to Cut the Crap and leave only what I was prepared to commit to.

 Serious life pruning.

It feels good.

And this is what I’ve learned:

You can’t make a wrong decision in life.

It’s impossible.

You can only make the decision you choose to make.

Once you make that decision, you commit, you trust yourself, you make it work and you boldly tread that pathway.

If it turns out that the pathway was not right for you, choose again.

But by NOT making a decision – by weighing things up day after day, debating the subject with your friends, family, poodle or belly button fluff, you wont progress. You are trapped. You literally commit Soul Suicide.

Making decisions puts stuff to bed.

Making decisions opens the next door.

Making decisions is exhilarating because you grow these massive wings and find that actually you CAN fly.

Making decisions means you leap forward and find a whole garden of new choices and creations.

By choosing NOT to decide, we fail.

Have you classed yourself as an indecisive person?

Want to choose to change and become a Scissor Wielding Wild Woman and reclaim your freedom?

I invite you to join me.

Pick up your blades and make your decisions today.


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