A Gorgeous Week In Review

Putting the finishing touches on my Nature Therapy CIC Portfolio.

The final assessment for Expedition Leaders is this weekend.

Ivy green tractors in ivory dry fields …

Dry seeds against whale bone skies …

Waving this amazing young man off on his first day of Secondary School.

Rusty rollers …. and busy boys ….

Cotton tailed clouds …

6am hill walks to greet September days …

Watching this little man as he spies on a big man who is painting the outside of the house in preparation for the crazy, cold winter to blow through.

Pulling together a very gorgeous new Advent product for the boutique this Christmas …


My Mum (who has gone to Florence this week with her *new* husband).

My new sisters three, who were cemented in gold and diamond dust when my mum and their dad surprised us by tying the knot.

Their current babies (who are more grown up than babies) – and their babies to be.

Running with Adam along the cliff path.

Being faster than Adam (clearly I’m not competitive).

Time. Golden, beautiful free time.

My super star web man,

My super star graphic man.

Adam. I love him and miss him when the season is high and he’s busy.

Pix and Roo. Always.

Letting go.

Dandelions and old stories that only give you their gold when you are 35 years old.



For my sprained ankle to get better v quickly.

For an amazing weekend with my co-Nature Therapy people.

For memories made, laughter had and abundant time given freely.

A pulling in of the family and a tight inner hug.

For Reid not to have any tantrums.

All the prep for the Gorgeousness Videos to go super smoothly.


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