A Gorgeous Week In Review

Making a September return …

Adventures with this pixie girl …

Exploring the gallery and studios of artists and imaginationists

Dawn rambles at ridiculous o’clock with a Yogi friend …

Out stomping with this little woodland creature …

And his equally gorgeous big brother …

Blackberry gathering …

Crazy, autumnal caterpillar watching …

Hiding away in meadow rooms and working on the Grow Your Gorgeous 2017 Manifestation Daybook ….

Booking holidays, sojourns and culinary adventures with friends and loved people.

And some more 6am sky watching … post early morning boot camp.

Being alive.

A beautiful summer.

Three amazing children and my beloved man.

Having some time to myself.

My bestie’s work relocation.

Blazing Autumn senses.

Walks in the white ghetto.

Crazy connections with required people emerging like magic.



Liquid purity

5.30 hill walks

Energy booming

Sunny days

Video scripting flow

Storyboard inspiration

A jaw dropping surprise

Gift from the gods

Fresh organic food

Good friends

Zen solitude

Whatever else the Universe sees fit for delivery


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