A Gorgeous Week In Review

Packing my essentials for the expedition leadership assessment weekend.

Stalking around base camp.

Trekking into the wilderness of West Wight.

Spreading glitter and glue with Picasso.

Spotting September spiders. Can you see it?

Hanging out in the woods, kicking leaves and finding tree dens with these two beauties.

Prepping an offering of deliciousness for the Boutique.

V excited about this one.

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Being mentally unhinged enough to get up at 5.30 every morning to walk and talk with my lovely pal Clare

An amazing weekend hiking, talking, laughing and living with the Nature Therapy CIC Crew.

Passing the Expedition Leaders Assessment *pants with hearty relief*.

Sprained ankle healing quickly.

Waitrose Dandelion and Liquorice (OMG it’s amazing) that made 10 days of not drinking tea or coffee a whole different kettle of gorgeousness.

Blogging inspiration abundance.

All prep for the Gorgeousness Programme videos ready and completed.

The money that Adam and I are saving for our 2017 trip to Peru.

My incredible body that I love dearly.


For it to be sunny on Tuesday 27th September.

To remember all of my lines on Tuesday 27th September.

For everything to work out ever so smoothly on Tuesday 27th September.

Reid to be in a really chilled, happy, non-“NO”-full mood all week.

Whatever the Universe reckons.

I’ll leave it down to you, kid.


( Just make sure that Tuesday 27th September calls for a bottle of champagne to be popped).

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