Sunday Sage: Declutter

Reid is a destroyer.

Not deliberately, but out of the heavy-handed curiosity of an 18 month old with the tenacity of a small, brown Rottweiler puppy who thinks everything is a bone.

Nothing is sacred to Reid … Rowan’s homework, Aysha’s books, my pictures, favourite cups, ornaments, cheque books. If it can be reached then it can be picked up, torn in half, chewed, stuffed out of the cat flap, put into the organic waste bin or crumpled with a sing song laugh and wide-eyed innocence.

As a result, our house is minimalist.

Pretty cabinets have no contents.

There are shoe laces and hair bands looped around many a door knob.

Everything that we’ve managed to save is piled on a tall shelf above the logs.
Then, the other day we walked in to this.


The last few months – and gradual decrease of personal possessions – has meant I’ve had a chance to observe the feelings that I attach to Things.

As my favourite bowls have been dropped, necklaces pinged and our beautiful oak floor decorated in red Sharpie, I’ve learnt what is really important to me and where my true values lie.

It has been Emotional.

And Zenning.

It has made me feel Lighter.

Releasing possessions consciously, letting go of unnecessary clutter and simplifying your life is one of the best ways to give space to your Inner Sage. There are many blogs on the Webosphere that focus on the idea that “owning less is more beneficial than organizing more” and I would highly recommend you having a google of them.

But in the meantime, if you do not have  a small destroyer to enforce decluttering upon you, why not begin to create some being/air between the doing/clutter of your life by conducting a clear out?

This could be stuff you own, commitments that don’t bring you pleasure, things that don’t work anymore (habits, relationships, tech) or just a drawer that everything gets bunged and now barely even opens.

As you bag up your old possessions and take them to the necessary places (chazza shops, the dump, wherever) consciously sense the lightness and tranquility that this draws into your life.

When you are done – if it is possible – please take a photo of the new space and share it with us on the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Facebook page.

I would love it if you did.

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