Set Small Goals

Life Design Action: Set small goals towards your health/wealth each day.

Requires: Not much. A pad? A bit of action?

(Ads told me something interesting yesterday. He said that the baker who bakes the deli bread shuts up shop until Feb. He doesn’t bake. Why? Because everyone tries to do a health kick beginning New Years Day and so 80% of the bread goes to waste. However, by the end of Jan everyone has pretty much fallen off the wagon and they’re back to their usual eating/shopping habits so he starts baking again. New Years Resolutions don’t work, however setting little targets, establishing new habits and achieving manageable goals do.)


My Goals for Today

1. Sign myself, Ads, Naughty N and Spouser up to the Plymouth Half Marathon. Quite intrigued with Plymouth. My cousin-in-law was a student there and after hearing her stories, I now associate the place with randy merchant navy people. And stalkers.

2. Replace all caffine drinks with herbal teas. Ads doesn’t know about this one. He buys into the belief that tea has life giving properties and even the thought of me not drinking it sends him into panic.

Also, not sure how his deep rooted cheffing instincts will respond to the idea that I’ll be eating 80% raw food for the next 21 days. I’m not quite sure how my instincts will react either. I have, after all, been cultivating an Inner-Christmas-Pig.

Inner Christmas Pig has been fed on staple diet of cheese, crackers, chocolate and champagne. Even now, writing this and whilst drinking my organic oat flower, lavender and lime leaf tea, Inner Christmas Pig is wafting up suggestions about white bread toast and dark orange marmalade …

Back off Christmas Pig.


3. Look in diary and think about work v v v briefly.

I think that is plenty. What are your little goals for today?


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