How To Make The Grow Your Gorgeous 2015 Guide Into A Beeeautiful Book

Clicking BUY on the Grow Your Own Gorgeous 2015 Guided Workbook is just the beginning.

Once printed the fun really starts.

Your book has been born out of juicy, mouth-watering, journal-love. Transforming the printed pages into a gorgeous book that can be used, loved, turned to and filled up is a where your creativity picks up the reigns. Whether the book is a companion for you or a gift for one of your dear friends, making it into a solid, presentable, usable chunk of toolage is required.

So, as many of you have requested my advise around how to bind your books, here are the 3 ideas to press your creative buttons:

To begin with, you will need …

And then it is super simple. Just …

Now you can pop in whatever takes your fancy and whatever is hole punchable (you would be surprised).


I love this method because you can turn the Grow Your Gorgeous 2015 Guided Workbook into something beyond a book. It becomes a portable creative studio and a documentation of your life and days. These books aren’t designed to be perfect and pristine. They are manuals. They are working animals. They are magic. The more creativity we can punch holes in and attach, the more juice the guide will hold.

This method requires bringing out every scrap and feather and half finished pot of glitter that you’ve had hanging around in your cupboards. You will also need a ring binder folder, your hole punch, glue, sticky tape and acrylic paint. Gather the following:

Collage, decorate and glitz up your folder. Bare in mind that the Grow Your Gorgeous Guided Workbook is landscape, so decorate the folder to match. If it is for a friend think about the colours and the images that would be right for them.

Consider the symbols that you use, for example birds often make people think of expansion, freedom and soaring upwards. If your workbook is going to be a place you retreat to, then perhaps make the colours calm and serene. You could add magazine pictures of endless white sands, hammocks and distance shores.

Personally, I want a year full of bold colour, daring adventure and vibrant creativity.

Hence this:

Once you have completely collaged the front and back of your folder and let it dry, hole punch your pages and slot them in.

The benefits of using a folder to hold your pages is that they are protected. On the other hand using a folder is less versatile than the book rings. Unless you get a whopper of a file, you won’t be able to add so many interesting artefacts.

I still haven’t made up my mind between using this folder and using the book rings. At the moment the book rings are still winning.

The final method I suggest for turning the Grow Your Gorgeous 2015 Guide into a book of beauty it to have it comb bound at your local stationary shop.

This is the perfect way forward if:

Confession – I don’t have a pic of a comb bound Grow Your Gorgeous 2015 Guided Workbook to show you. But I promise you that should you decide to go this way it will look awesome and sleek. Also, if you get yourself a chic little box for your workbook to live in, you can still collect your collectables and simply stash them in there rather than inserting into your workbook.

I hope this has been helpful.

Please do share with me any pics of your completed workbooks as I’d love to see them.

Sending love. xx

Get your copy of the Grow Your Gorgeous 2015 Guided Workbook and Audio Visualisations here.

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