I Have No Idea How This Actually Came Off!

I’ve just blown back in through the door after being out with crazy, gypsy friends. It’s all madness out there, I swear. Christmas jumpers and knitted deer and so many jewels stitched onto dresses that you need Schwarzenegger style biceps to lift them.

And I have even forgotten what I went out for.

A sign of the times.

A sign of my brain.

Are you in IT? Are you rolling around in the tinsel-fest, crazy-balled, jingle-bell-jingle-bell-jingle-bell rock? Have you forgotten what you went out for? I don’t know what’s going on with me this year. I think I have my attention on other things.

Such as this:

When you have your head and heart so deeply embedded in such gorgeousness, other things tend to take a backseat.

Some things are released entirely.

And many things have been.

Somehow though – and I’m not actually sure how – two creative projects have come off this Christmas. The first of those projects was a space where I could go to write and draw and think and reflect and be; a summer house, a garden room, a creative sanctuary.

It happened … and I will show you that in the next few days.

The second thing was this:

Grow Your Gorgeous 2015 Guided Workbook by Bethan Christopher

When I thought this book up it was to be a journal and a  2015 dream incubator. 

Amongst the breast feeding, the washing, the folding and the gritty-eyed nights, this book hung around in my imagination. It was colourful and vibrant. I thought it could be like a doorway for whoever owned it; a bridge into a year stitched together with gorgeousness.

Because of having my baby boy I am unable to run my usual coaching circles but I was longing to share the tools and ideas that help people to manifest lives they love – on a GLOBAL level.


When you have your heart absorbed into someone this wonderful …

(as well as two other gorgeous souls to love and look after)

…. books don’t get written.

Finding time to write and make art is an art in itself.

So I let the book go.

Then, in November, something strange occurred.

One dark, windswept evening, the book called me to the kitchen table. It sat me down, stretched my fingers to my art supplies and pushed a pen into my hand. Like some fairy tale cake that had been baking in a secret oven that no one knew was there, the book’s timer went bbbbring and it was time to bring it out.

Into the open.


And here it is … next to the sleeping angel (who is shattered after looking at so many bejewelled dresses and Christmas jumpers):

Who knows if anyone will buy the Grow Your Gorgeous 2015 Guided Workbook?

I am simply in a bubble of trust that those people who need the book to trigger their dreams will find their way to it. (To be honest, I’m still stunned that the book is even here).

In the meantime, I am so excited and grateful to have the opportunity to use it myself.

Now that I have my copy printed and bound, I’m tucking it away until that little fold of time just after Boxing Day, when the year starts to seal itself  (like the licky bit of glitzy envelope).

Then in the peace of the aftermath, I’m going to get it out and relish every little inch of it – whilst relishing this little person too.

So, what is in this Gorgeous Guided Workbook?

The first part is all about letting go of 2014, even the sticky not-so-nice bits.

I am a great believer in what you resist persists and so to correctly “close down” and cut your ties with what has been is vital to moving forward positively.

Then there is a whole thank you letter section for all the gifts the last year has given us. For me, this is the next step in creating the climate for more gorgeousness to swoop in.

Following this we can listen to the Releasing 2014 Audio visualisation that comes with the book. I’ve used this visualisation with clients hundreds of times and it is powerful. This is the first time I’ll be able to use it on myself.

From that point onwards the book guides us on this radiant and colourful journey into creating our visions, dreaming up our intentions, stretching our arms into the next phase of time. Once again, to help embed this into our deep, creative palette of subconscious genius, I recorded an audio visualization called Walk Your Gorgeous 2015.

(I wonder what Reid is visualising while he sleeps. Boobs I expect!)

We are shown everything from how to turn our visions into intentions, into goals and baby-stops.

We are shown how to develop the habits and behaviours to bring about the changes we are looking for.

We are guided into choosing 8 life areas where we want to see change and then given a years worth of support, month-by-month, to get there.

That is why I’m so excited. This is exactly what I have needed from a journal/workbook/coaching guide and just what I think other women like me need too. To see our dreams as beautiful, necessary and needed amongst the day-to-day living.

For our lives (and our selves) to grow into what they were born to become – and still doing what needs to be done for our families and communities.

As I walk my journey of Growing My Gorgeous 2015, I will be writing about that process on this blog. This thought FILLS me with a lot of delight.

I’ll also be offering guidance and support to any people who intend to embark on the journey as well. The whole package is just £9.95 which is  a crazily low price, but I wanted to bring as many people possible and thought this was something that everyone could afford.

I hope you’re going to come on the adventure!

If you feel called to … click here to get your parcel – Grow Your Gorgeous 2015 Guided Workbook and Visualisations.

Love B

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