Lockdown Week 2 In Review

When Covid-19 hit British shores, it was suggested that we write diaries to document our lives during this time.

I guess, the theory is that in the future, our great great grandchildren will be able to read about how everyone existed during the 2020 global pandemic.

This idea reminded me of when Reid was little and I used to do a weekly “review” of what we’d seen during the week and adventures we’d had. Now, five or six years on, Reid and I occasionally sit and look through these posts. The captions describing our day-to-day activities serve as tiny time capsules that transport me back to the past and give him an insight into his earliest years.

Based upon how valuable those reviews are to me NOW, I’ve decided to start doing my weekly reviews again during this lockdown period. Like the reviews from before, I’m going to add my gratitudes and also intentions for the following week.

It’s going to be a little weekend ritual for anchoring in how we’ve managed, thrived, laughed and gone loony over the last seven days.

So, here we go: Lockdown Week 2

Daily 7km off road run with the dog. Sometimes with Adam and Reid on the bike, sometimes solo. Always with the dog.

Blows away cobwebs.

Reminds me of how it feels to be strong, fit and free.

Rowan reading Harry Potter, The Philosophers’s Stone, to Reid.

Evenings of drawing, watching boxsets (we’re nearly finished with Killing Eve), playing Monopoly and card games with the kids, playing music, dancing and drinking red wine.

Celebrating Reid’s 6th birthday in lockdown: presents, a picnic up on the meadow with kites and ball games, chocolate spread sandwiches and blackcurrent in camping cups. Party games; musical cushions (Reid cried because Rowan sat on him), musical statues, pass-the-parcel and a pinata full of sweets in the garden. An afternoon of Lego, electric scooters, Wonder Trumps and Story Dice.

Facetiming with friends and family.

Launching dragons.

With a mega serious face.


Launching dragons IS serious!

Home educating / distance learning.

Enjoying the company of she who does not say “Mum? Mum? Mum?” continually.

Video calling the publisher about a new book after “Rebel Beauty”.

Wearing the same jumper for days.

 Eating alfresco as the sun began to shine and spring smiled all around us.

Doing a lot of Face Timing and Whats Apping with friends and family.

What were clusters of community in our larger community, are now clusters of people in social media groups.

Renewed love of people, relationships and the human beings we call our friends – and even those who aren’t.

Hearing Reid singing and humming to himself when he doesn’t think anyone can hear him.

The stunning natural habitat that surrounds our home.

Having a pretty damn good chef husband who has been making us delicious food every day.

Friends. Near and far. Who hold us virtually like we hold them.

Being about to go outside and run/walk/cycle.

The sun shining.

Our garden.


Felt tip pens.

Living on an isolated island.

Having kids to keep us busy, uplifted and requiring us to be strong, centred and focused.

My pooch.

I really appreciate the adaptability being demonstrated by people . It makes me full of wonder at how we as a family and how other families around us are continually adapting to this situation.

Holding a routine when I’m lacking motivation.

Motivating a 14 year old do get out of the house and run/cycle or do school work/revision when he’s not feeling it.

Temptation to drink too much wine and eat junk out of boredom.

Feeling like we’ve got a “virtual” house full of people due to overwhelming amounts of Face-time and What App demands daily.

Daily run/bike ride but maybe adding on a few sneaky km.

Completed art commissions delivered safely to their new owners.

Proposal for second book completed and ready to send to publisher.

A lot of fresh food / fruits for breakfast and salads and high raw for lunch.

Yoga on the lawn.

Strapline up in the garden.

Drawing. Lots of it.

Creative stuff with the kids.

Daily writing and journaling.

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