Just Bake the Biscuit

Life Design Action: Just bake the biscuit

Requires: Awareness of your creative instincts, a recipe, some ingredients and an oven.

Does not require: Shoulds, coulds or have tos.

(Sometimes, for no reason at all, we have the inspiration to make something/do something/bake something/create something. When this happens – stop and listen. Since ancient times, the wise people have understood that our creative impulse is the breath of the Universe channeling through us and that acting upon these whims will lead us places we would never usually go. Trust your White Rabbit inspiration and follow it into Wonderland!)


Just Bake The Biscuit

Something odd has been happening.

I keep getting urges to bake.


I. Never. Bake.

In fact, since Ads has come onto the scene with his exotic ingredients and his Katsumi knives (made by a company who create Samari swords – very sharp), I have not cooked a single thing.


For the last couple of days I keep thinking, “I want to bake. I want to make bread and biscuits and muffins. Yes. I want to make muffins. Mmmm. Muffins.”

So today, instead of doing all the things I had on my should, could and have to list, I left everything at home and went to Ads’ deli. Here I baked a batch of cookies (not muffins).

If I had not have done this …

*  I would never have rooted around in the baking books and found the gorgeous recipe for Pecan Sandies.

* I would not have had a whole conversation with the Lovely Freya about Huganomics (Freya is probably the most huggish person I’ve ever met. I may have to do an interview with her about hugging at some point. She was in total agreement about back-patting during a hug and confessed to being a predominant hug giver).

* Also, if I hadn’t have thrown caution to the wind, I wouldn’t have sat and written out the Pecan Sandies (renamed Pecan Hug Biscuits) recipe for all of you gorgeous people.

* And I wouldn’t have been in the deli to witness the arrival of Lizzie The Numerologist, witness THIS hug …


and then watch Gianpaolo EAT one of my cookies!

“They taste like ….” Gian said, standing over me and chewing thoughtfully.

“Like what?”

Bated breath.

“… like …”

Long pause.

“Like WHAT?”

“Kind of …”

I stared at him.

He chewed and stared at me.

I leaned back and folded my arms. I wasn’t in the least bit bothered that bothered what they tasted like to be honest. See, once my baking had been completed all fiery attachment to the biscuits had been extinguished. From following my inspiration I’d had some very soul nourishing conversations and had hatched several a new plans with Lizzie.

I let go and in that moment, GianP told me what they tasted like.

But I’m not going to tell you what he said.

(Gleeful hehe!)

Instead, if you live locally you could go to the deli and taste the biscuits (they are on the jar on the sandwich counter and are officially named Pecan Hugs).

If you don’t live locally … follow this recipe try making some for yourself.

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