Just Take The Hug

Life Design Exploration: Just take the hug.

Requires: Your hug history 

Normally we are all about Actions and Attitudes for Life Design. BUT today I am introducing a new thing; Life Design Explorations. Rather than a suggestion and a story, the Exploration is more a matter of discussion. Please add your ideas in the comments box. 


This week a coaching client said to me, “when I am hugged, rather than focusing on giving the hug, I am trying to focus on receiving it.”

And I thought “Mmmmm. Receiving, hey?”

Quite synchronistic, considering we were talking about the whole “Oh My God, I Can’t Just Receive” issue, yesterday – don’t you think?

And then I thought, “ahhhh. Hugs. I like hugs.”

Hugs are great, aren’t they? Lovely things. We’re all comfortable with receiving a hug, aren’t we – at least from some people?

On Facebook, my brother in law type person wrote very gorgeously about his wife, “Mrs B has just had a lesson in Huganomics. She now knows the difference between a hug, a cuddle and a squeeze. I’m pleased to report that she passed with a distinction.”

I think we should celebrate hugs more through Huganomics.

And I’d like to expand my awareness of this science by asking a few questions;

Is anyone else aware of being a predominant hug giver or a hug receiver?

Is there a hug imbalance in your life?

Do you ever hug someone you don’t really want to? (This brings us onto the touchy subject of having to kiss on the cheek someone you don’t want to and then end up moving your face and air-kissing, but still ending up feeling blurgh. I think an air kiss is better than a hug if you aren’t keen on the person though.)

Are men predominantly hug-givers or hug-takers?

Whilst mid-hug, is the giving and receiving collapsed into an all-round hug Oneness?

Are you even AWARE of giving a hug or getting one?

Is hug-awareness tied up in mind-set-at-the-time-of-being-hugged?

What are the best sort of hugs to get/give?

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