Get Your Eagle Head On

Bethan Christopher

Life Design Action: Get Your Eagle Head On

Requires: Looking at the BIG picture

In Native American animal medicine, the eagle symbolizes going above the ordinary and looking down on your life from a higher, lofty angle.

Looking down on your life from Eagle View is good. It can help you to see:

a) where your life is going (and if you want it to go there)

b) which roads could be altered (avoiding what you don’t want)

c) which roads you’d like to take (taking you to nice places instead)

d) how you can adjust your sails TODAY and hence bring about a different outcome tomorrow/next month/next year

By looking at where your life/work/relationships are headed from way up above, you can honestly ask yourself whether the actions you are taking are on purpose and moving your forward in the direction you are designing or if they are unnecessary. You can look at where boundaries need to be put into place and which habits need to be changed.

One creative way to get your eagle on, is to grab a big piece of paper and in the centre draw yourself … or a stick man/woman … or just a little circle that represents you. Next to your central image write “ME – TODAY.”

From this image, draw branches or lines coming off in the same way that you would draw a spider graph or mind map. Title each branch with an area of your life (eg. one branch might be your relationships … another could be work … another your health) or if you are looking at something more specific such as work, you’ll need to create relevant titles.

At the end of each branch write down a sentence that captures where you want to be headed in this area. Try to make this goal specific and time bound. Now think about where you are in relation to that goal. Are you moving towards that goal? If not, what is stopping you? What’s holding you back? Are there any boundaries you need to put in place to keep yourself on track? What qualities of character are going to get you to where you want to be?

Repeat this process on every branch of the tree and then write down one little action you can take to help you move towards your big picture in each area. Write this on the branch.

By looking down on your life like this you are able to release your mole head (which tends to be short sighted and lives from day to day, making movement but not necessarily progress) and use your eagle head to start implementing some powerful swoops towards the life and business you dream of.

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