Sub Dirty Grub For Pranic Gorgeousness

Life Design Action: Substitute dirty grub for pranic Gorgeousness

Requires: Real food

Does not require: Much washing up


Everyone likes a pot noodle occasionally.

This is fair enough.

But when you are looking to create a body of energy and vitality and well being, its common sense that you’ve gotta sub the dirty grub and balance your diet with good high water content food too/instead. Most people are aware that our bods are made up from 70% water (just like Planet Earth) and while we can get water from the Evian bottle, we can also get lots from eating certain foods. Just like a plant requires sun and water to thrive, you need …

The House of Bethan

(This is a pic of my current breakfast trend. There is something very satisfying about photographing fruits in a black bowl and then sending them to Ads. It demonstrates to him that whilst I may be domestically challenged, I can produce an appealing fruit salad.)

Like with many changes to lifestyle, to completely overhaul your eating habits would be overwhelming. It is always good to make small incremental changes then build them up. Here are three little tips by which you can sub the dirty grub for some high quality, sun-bursting engine fuel …

Don’t Try And Change Everything At Once

Begin with one super life giving meal a day – breakfast for example. And make sure that it is delicious and beautiful. Ads has told me we eat first with our eyes, so if you can make your dish of gorgeousness live up to its name visually, you will feel compelled to eat it. And then you can text a pic of it to your foodie friends. OR email it to me and I will email it to Ads. How funny would that be? He’d be inundated with fruity eye candy!

Keep It Simple and Easy

As you build up your recipes (I have a library of raw food books), make sure you keep things as simple as possible. The easier it is to prepare the good stuff, the longer you will stay on track and motivated. Also, be organised and make sure you always have the right things in the fridge. For me, the times I reach for the bad stuff is usually when I haven’t been shopping and I have run out of supplies.

Use Farmers Markets

This is such a good one! I’ll never forget last year when I went to stay with my lovely friends, Anne and Emma, in the House and the Hill. One day we went to the local market and purchased all of our fruit, veg and meat from the ramshackle stalls. There were no waxed apples and perfectly formed limes; just big, bulgy red tommies; hearty artichokes; carrots sporting clods of French soil and apples dusty with being carted from place to place. When you buy real food, it tastes real, it smells real and in consuming it our cells recognise and ring out with realness. This naturally inspires more authentic living.

Good luck!!

The House of Bethan

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