End Of the World Housework


Required; cleaning products, a vacuum cleaner, a charity shop, some bags, white sage smudge sticks, rock salt, water, 12 crystals (4 for grounding, 4 for protection and 4 for energy), a candle, a deep breath a good chunk of time.

(Cleansing with Depth is a different sort of housework. It goes beyond the dust on the skirting boards and polishing taps. It goes to the very depth of your house and soul psychology. Even if you don’t believe that this makes any difference, try it and see how you feel. Dare ya.)


Massive End Of The World Housework

There are a number of occasions in life when my housework mojo really kicks in.

1. Category 3. house guest is coming to stay.

House guests are house guests. Some you would accidentally leave your knickers out in front of and not worry too much about. With others you might kick the knickers into the bedroom and shut the bedroom door. But other house guests – oh my –  some require an epic, no-nonsense cleaning mission. For me this sort of cleaning usually requires a week in advance.

2. It’s suddenly very sunny.

You can live with the impression that actually your house is quite clean and tidy and then one morning, stroll downstairs to see the sun BEAMING through the window. Suddenly everything is visible; dust, cobwebs, hair, fur, a bizarre pumpkin face that your child has smeared into the window condensation and has somehow scarred the glass in dirt. In these moments, anyone who isn’t helping to clean, gets hoovered up. Full stop.

3. When it’s the end of the world.

Or where the Mayan Calender ends. Or when all the super-duper charged up planets pull themselves into alignment and you think – “you know what? I want my house, my life, my head and my heart in order on this day.”

So you clean.

And at this point we’re not just talking cleaning; we’re talking cleansing on a brand new level. I deliberately left my deepest cleansing for today at 11.11am. Previous to this I have worked from room to room, clearing out and shifting all sorts of items. Bin liners of books, toys, clothes, jewellery and goodness knows what else have been mysteriously appearing on the doorsteps of many a local charity shop.

What’s interesting about this sort of housework is that it isn’t fear driven. You haven’t got a Category 3 house guest or Sunshine Shock reeling through your mind. End Of The World Housework gives you laser beam focus, cut throat throwing out skills and the weird ability to break cords with sentimentality.

And with everything you let go of, your little soul gets clearer and lighter and more free.

Today, at 11.11am myself and Pix opened all of the windows.

Blue sky, birds singing, a sun beaming out on the dewy wet garden. Starting from the furthest room from the most used door in the house, Pix and I began our End Of The World Housework. I filled a small bowl with spring water, added rock salt and lit a tea light. Balanced the tea light on a pile of books in the middle of the attack, then as Pix chimed our Tibetan Singing Bowl with a felt tip pen (we’ve lost the wooden thing) I flicked water into the four corners of the loft and muttered some stuff about cleansing.

Wasn’t particularly poetic muttering. I just made up whatever stuff came into my head. But that’s the thing about using ritual and ceremony to create energy shifts; as long as your intention is right and you know what you want to put out, it works.

We then worked our way through the entire house and the perimeter of the property. Pix, initially bemused by the End Of The World Housework, began to get quite into her Tibetan Singing Bowl chiming.

Once the salt water bit was finished, we went back to the furthest room from the most used door and took out the Native American White Sage smudge stick. We blazed up the baby, ducked into the loft and filled every cobwebby corner with positive affirmations and sage smoke. Felt rather like a pair of lost boys from Peter Pan as we marched around the house, smudging each corner of each room, then outside to line the hedge rows, filling our whole house and garden with gorgeousness.

Finally we took the twelve crystals, three for each corner and we buried them under the ground, tucked them on walls and hung them in trees. Everything we did today, from the sage to the chimes to the crystals and the salt, were all sourced from the old tribes … Old tribes from an older planet who experienced life, energy, the stars and nature a different way.

I’m sure loads of people would say there are better ways to spend the Last Day On Earth As We Know It. But I tell you what – on this occasion, this one little occasion, housework did it for me and I would have chosen nothing else.

(Key Point: You don’t need ritual props to do End Of The World Housework. You don’t even need it to be the End Of The World. Simply shift your intention/focus as you are cleaning your home. With every room you clean, declutter and tidy, focus on cleansing the energy, built up negativity and stagnant emotions. Then replace it with love, harmony, joy and laughter. You are the Creator of your House Energy. So create!)

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