Hello there lovely people! We are now just a few teensy days away from the launch (April 30th – that’s THIS MONDAY!!!)  of the Online Gorgeousness Programme and as a treat, we’re trickling out a few blogs from our members-only area.

All of our articles have been contributed by top coaches, professionals and influencers. They have been written for the young women who access the site, but also offer some great empowerment and gorgeousness for women of all ages. 

Below you’ll find 10 secrets from curve-model, Abby Russell, who tells us how she maintains her self-love and gorgeousness in the competitive world of modelling.

Accept everything about your body. Accept your cellulite, stretch marks, and dimples, whatever! Everything you have done in your life has brought you to this point. Have no regrets and let the past go. Look at your body now and accept it for what it is today.  Remember our body is a combination from our parents. It all comes down to your genes. I have the exact same legs and feet as my Dad!

In the past I got down about my chunky legs but I can’t change them – it’s genetics!! And now I am grateful for my legs, they are strong and got me through 3 long, tough years at Drama School dancing everyday!


Embrace your gorgeous body! Love it and make the best of what you’ve got. We can get caught up wishing our bodies were like these celebrities we see on TV/Magazines/Social Media but that is crazy!

You will never have the same body as your celeb girl crush. So embrace what you’ve got and make the most of it. Find the right clothes that flatter your shape. Take time to go for a proper bra fitting.  Don’t be afraid to show off what you like about your body.

Love everything about yourself. When you meet someone who is truly confident it’s almost like you can see sunbeams shining from them! You create an amazing aura that attracts the right kind of people. Having a positive aura is so important and can be achieved from letting go of negative thoughts. Hold your head high, walk tall and tell yourself that you are awesome!

This is a huge part of the job. As a model you will go to casting after casting. You will not book every job. Sometimes you might not book a job for months. You have to be able to handle rejection.

  Most of the time there is no reason to why you were rejected. But that is the way of the industry. Before becoming a model you have to think whether you have the right personality to cope with being critiqued, criticised and rejected. Because it happens a lot!

I am a true believer that all things happen for a reason. So I don’t get hung up on jobs I didn’t get, because I know there is something better for me around the corner.

As a model you have to look good! Yes it might come over as being vain – but sorry that’s the job description! You have to set aside time to keep yourself looking fresh.

From skin care, nails, hair, fake tan, moisturising…the list goes on. You have to be prepared because you might book a shoot that is tomorrow!

You have to be somewhat of a people person. You need to be able to hold a conversation with anyone that you meet. Not only do you have to look good but also brands will only want to work with you if you are nice and give a good first impression. Clients will not want to work with a diva.

You are part of a team on a shoot. The make-up artist and stylist are just as important as you. So don’t let your ego get in the way! Learn the etiquette of the industry.

Get a good management team to help you. Or a mentor that has years of experience in the industry. Sometimes our own personal opinion isn’t what the industry actually looks for.

My management team help with choosing pics for my portfolio and sometimes I don’t like certain shots.  But they have the experience and knowledge of what brands want to see. It’s hard to go against what you think is right but sometimes you have to listen to those who are wiser!

Many ignorant people think curve models or plus-size models don’t exercise and just eat junk food! Well, let me tell you that is far from the truth. I have a very balanced, healthy lifestyle. I work out with a personal trainer once a week and eat balanced meals with treats whenever I’d like.

I don’t eat junk food. When you love yourself you want to look after your body. Your body size does not define who you are as a person. Your body is a vessel that is carrying you through life. It needs to be moved; it needs the hinges oiled to keep you alive for as long as possible!!

 From a young age I always enjoyed being the ‘different’ one. I always stood out for some reason but I liked that. I love being different.

Being different means that people notice me and being different means that I will get the job. Lets all begin to love the things that make us unique. And lets all learn to love our own gorgeousness!

Abby Russell is a Curve Model and Body Confidence advocate. She is also a presenter on the new Country Music TV News Show ‘The King Says Country Show.’

After leaving school in Scotland she followed her dream and trained in Musical Theatre. After 2 years at College in Scotland she gained a place on a 3 year Musical Theatre Course at PPA in Guildford, Surrey. After graduating her path changed and found a new dream working as a Curve Model. Through modelling she is able to promote body confidence and self-love. Something she is very passionate about. Now living on the Isle of Wight she travels to London weekly for jobs and regular appearances as a model on the Lorraine show.

You can find Abby on Instagram at @curvyliving

On Facebook @curvyliving

Or hanging out a her blog/website here.


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