Whole Hearted Quality Of Life

It’s the internal choir that makes us grin when it starts to sing.

It’s the organ that gets crushed, broken or heavy when something bad occurs.

It’s the ruby red treasure that you invest and pushes you onward when all logic has flown out of the window.

It’s the madness maker that poets write about.

The pied piper that carries us into all sorts of wonderlands, should we dare follow it.

Introducing …..

… the HEART!

The heart is entwined in our language.

In the personal growth world following your heart and finding the thing that makes your heart sing are household phrases.

But even those who aren’t regulars on the p.g scene will know that feeling of your heart pulling you in one direction.

And your head in another.

Maybe you’ve started a project and your heart is in it … but then the project has become complex and difficult and no longer makes you feel “light hearted”.

How we feel in our hearts is SO SO central to our quality of life.

We’ve been led to believe that if we can attain certain conditions in our lives, we will feel a certain way in our hearts…

Financial freedom brings inner peace ….

Success will bring inner happiness …

Having a certain person in our life will bring us love.

Over the years I have tried this Outer Condition For Inner Happiness technique. For many years I’ve battled against the odds to achieve goals, only to find myself stressed, overloaded and burnt out.

The Outer Condition For Inner Happiness technique doesn’t work.

In fact, by chasing these conditions in an attempt to feel a certain way, we often move further away from that we are chasing.


Eventually though, I got the lesson: register the quality that you want to experience in your heart and then wrap your goals around that.

Here’s a little 3 Idea “how to”:

Choose the Whole Hearted Quality you want to experience; happiness, health, gratitude, prosperity.

Understand that you already embody that quality and that you simply need to recognise it and nurture it in yourself -today.

An Inner Quality I longed for last year was “Well Being”.

Whilst longing for this quality of heart, I was driving myself to great extremes over some programmes that I was in the process of launching. I was facing closed door upon closed door. I really believed that once I had these programmes off the ground I would be able to climb into some imaginary hammock, drink coconut milk through a straw and watch the sun go down on the ocean.

Eventually (I’m slow on the uptake at times) I got the message – again.

I pulled the plug on the course of action I was following, sat with my sage, practiced some self-care and then allowed my heart to lead me towards a route that felt Zen.

The result? My daily sense of well being was transformed.

The Whole Hearted Quality you seek is already within you! Nurture it.

Surround yourself with the environments that support your Whole Hearted Quality.

The environment that called to me to develop my sense of wellbeing is nature; flowers; gardens; healing environments and fresh air.

A place I love is the Ventnor Botanical Gardens and the Wellbeing Experience, so what better idea than to align my next series of workshops with that place? To kick off, I will be running a Goal Mapping For Health and Wellbeing workshop there on the last Sunday of this month. I have also started another secret project with the Gardens that I will be revealing soon and means that I get to spend rather a lot of time sitting in the foliage, connecting with the botanical life and drawing things that feed the heart and soul.

Another action was to sign up for membership at my favourite Country Club on the island.

This place is like an aquarium of Zen Gorgeousness for my soul! I am able to swim in, glide through to the gym and work out, swim and steam, then sit in the large, open plan restaurant and work on any projects that I have. Even the drive to that place is soul cleansing.

Your environments infuse your heart. Choose well!

Release your grip on outcomes and trust instead.

I become to believe (110%) that our path is perfect for our own personal blueprint of Gorgeousness.

This path will fulfil our deepest dreams, if only we can let go and trust and simply follow it. Rather than desperately trying to control events, steps and outcomes, we can instead breathe deeply into our bellies and follow what feels good to us, restoring leadership back to the heart and a quality of peace in our lives.

It takes a lot of courage (also a word associated with the heart) to release control of ego and instead allow ourselves to be guided by what feels good. I am going to be writing all about this over the next few days. In fact, every day between now and Valentines Day, there will be something beautiful, handy and hearty on the subject of the gorgeous ticker posted on this blog.

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