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Sometimes I get bored with seeing motivational sayings splashed over Facebook. Other times one really CAPTURES me and I stop dead, read it again and let it infiltrate my soul. Today a girl I met at boot camp had uploaded a shot of her wearing a t.shirt which said “You Only Live Once.”

It Spoke.


Profoundly Affected* Bethan sat there thinking, “You Only Live Once”.

Contradictive Bethan nudged me in the ribs and remarked, “Unless You Are Hindu.”

Profoundly Affected* Bethan turned, eyes glazed with profundity, “But even then we only live once in this body. Who are WE not to make the absolute MOST of it??? It would be a crime to live our lives not embracing, loving, expressing and delivering our complete 100% awesomeness to planet earth.”

Contradictive Bethan thought for a moment, cocked her head, then shrugged and went off to make tea. The rest of me was left sitting on the sofa. So she picked up a pen and paper … and captured it.

* Affected. Effected.* ???

(I obviously wasn’t there on the day when we were taught the correct context in which to use either. I’m sure everyone/someone reading this can educate me on when/where to use each one, so please do. Unless you are my mother, in which case, just keep it zipped. Your red pen affects(?) my self esteem.)

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