There’s A One Letter Difference Between Happy and Hippy

Hello my darlings!!

Well here we are stepping over the short, taut, Indiana style bridge between Christmas and New Year.

Last night I sat down and spent a precious hour with my copy of the Grow Your Gorgeous 2015 Guided Workbook. I was working on the section that helps you to close down and give thanks for the year just gone. Following that, me and my lovely man poured a glass of wine and talked about the year ahead. We had this whole interwoven conversation about the sort of things (depth of connection, happiness, and creative projects) we want to whip up and EXPERIENCE in the next 12 months.

We imagined what we wanted to infuse our family life with.

We asked ourselves questions about what we wanted to experience in the businesses, the home, our health and our personal learning.

We made a list of experiences that we wanted to introduce each other to (these were an unexpected mixture of fire walking, a football match, being on a mountain above the clouds, dog racing, shamanic training, go-karting, India and some funny unmentionables that I’m not going to mention).

The conversation led us down a jungle pathway into the year ahead.

It gave our next cycle a new shape and an unusual fusion of colour, texture and feeling.

At this time of year many people in the coaching world are worshiping at the shrine of goal setting. And whilst goals do work, I feel they are a little bit mainstream for me these days! Instead, I like to approach the New Year by envisioning the EXPERIENCES I want to have as when I do this, my whole focus and thinking seems to alter.

By focusing on the EXPERIENCES it’s like you step out of product-driven goal setting and into a blend of process and presence instead.

You lose that short-breathed, hand-slapping need to hurry off and DO.

Instead the feeling is all about relaxing, effortlessness and slipping into the roll-top bath of BEING.

Having now sat and had this conversation with Adam, I feel so clear and excited about the way forward.

During 2015 I want to experience feeling utterly supported by the Universe.

I want to experience my creative endeavours bringing in all the abundance and prosperity I need to give my family the enriched life experience I dream of for them.

I want to experience amazing women from all over the world receiving my creative and coaching/manifestation offerings, unleashing their gorgeousness  and connecting with each other to bring about a new era of positive global change.

 Finally, I want to experience a beautiful balancing act between work and play and family and restfulness.

How to do this?

Well, it’s all stuff that I am going to be using the Grow Your Gorgeous 2015 Guided Workbook to bring about.

My dear friend Lizzie, who is a numerologist, told me that 2014 was going to be a wild mish-mash for me.

“You are in a Number 9,” she said warningly back in Jan. “That’s a combination of ALL the numbers and therefore plays out the dramas of every one.”

 And indeed she was right.

The last 12 months have brought many blessings and many challenges. The arrival of my third little warrior, Reid Tiago, heralded a complete death of my personal identity. At the same time as being blissed out at mothering my little man cub, I was also fumbling around trying to stick together old parts of myself that no longer fitted. A relationship that lived in the core of my heart ended in a strange, twisted up way that felt incomplete and disarming.

Endings, unravellings, severings and dis-intergration … all 2014 words.

 In the end I just let go.

I trusted.


I lay down and breathed. Became mindful. Walked. Lay longer. Lay still. Watched my summer house/writing room being built. Made tea. Lay still again. All 2014 experiences.

 That sultry Indian summer we had in England trickled on.

October came …

… and one morning I felt a little beam of sunlight.

The sunbeam was the tiny, gentle hint of an idea that perhaps through the death of Old Bethan, a New Bethan was Emerging and that maybe New Bethan was still able to create something a bit beautiful.

Perhaps this New Bethan, with everything she’d learned in her 9 Year Cycle, got to pick up her paint palette and dust off her oldest dreams and make them come true.


I lay there for a bit with that idea.

Didn’t do anything.

Just allowed the feeling of it lap and move around me.

It was kind of like waking up in a new world, a new culture, not quite knowing quite how to speak the language. I had the fragmented memory of the old world I’d lived in; striving, climbing, reaching and I knew I was no longer in that world. I’d passed through the limbo of being in neither world and now here I was born into a new place; a place of deepening, enriching, enveloping and strengthening.

And this is where I am.

 On the bridge between Yule and New Year, I’ve merged from one world into another, from one person into another, from one paradigm of reality into another.

 And the overall feeling?

… that I have found my Self again.

Thank GOD!

And that I’ve felt my way through the blur and the limbo and the transitional rebirth into a completely new world.

2015 – a Number One Year!

No fight. No struggle. Just writing and drawing and capturing ideas and growing them and eating good food and playing with my little tribe and growing an amazing garden with sunflowers and vegetables and connecting in this DEEP, DEEP way with the people, new and old, near and far, in the flesh and overseas and up mountains and in cities and with myself; the grandest, giant-est, flamboyant-est, gorgeous-est version of me.

 It is exciting. It deserves massive gratitude.

Haha! I KNOW I sound like a complete HIPPY… and … well, it doesn’t matter. I’m just very HAPPY and there’s one letter different to hippy, so.

Darling reader, wherever you are, whatever your year has shown to you, whatever you are dreaming of doing with this wild old experience called LIFE, I am sending you a symbolic KEY to step through the door into the experience you want for your greatest joy.

I invite you to snatch up some paper – any kind – and scribble down the 7 experiences you’d most love this year and then leap forward knowing that you have the power to create it.

How do you want to feel this year?

What experience do you wish to have with your body, your finances, your travels?

What foods do you want to eat and where in the world would you love to eat them?

Whose experiences can you cross pollinate with? Ask your beloveds to lead you into the experiences they’ve loved and do the same back for them!

How would it feel to know that you can literally create your own experience of life?

Thanks so much to everyone who has been part of my 2014 …

See you on the other side. xxx

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