Sunday Sage: Social Zen

Myself and Naughty N – an old friend and partner in crime – were slouched on her sofa staring vacantly at the fire and discussing the effort of attending upcoming Christmas parties.

“If I’m honest, I’m not really feeling it,” sighed N.

“Me neither. If I go anywhere I might be the designated driver so I don’t drink,” I sighed back.

“We’re a bit rubbish, aren’t we?” sighed Naughty N.

“Mmm,” I sighed thoughtfully, then added, “But you do have shoes. Which means you’ve made a mildly more superior effort than me.”

“Yes,” yawned N. “I do have shoes. That’s all I have.”

We fell into a heat-stunned stupor, both considering Naughty’s N’s party shoes, which frankly made up for her lack of anything else. Teetering on *gorgeous* as that Ebay Loomband frock that sold for bazillions, The Shoes are encrusted with little coloured sequins.

The soles are blue with baby deer prancing through the snow.

The insides are equally vomitish yet beautiful.

I am sure that the moment those shoes go on Naughty N’s feet, she will turn into a waltzing, whirling, social sensation that insists on having countless cocktails to match her show-stopping footwear.

I – on the other hand – don’t have The Shoes.

I have Simple White Sports Socks.

And I also have this disconcerting desire to have a Christmas as simple as these socks.

And that’s why, unlike Naughty N, I have implemented these things:

This year we have only bought gifts for the children.

The pressure and time and focus and expense that this choice freed up has been … be-au-ti-ful.

It’s possibly been the least stressful Christmas EVER.

Adam and I have also bought simple gifts for each other. The deal was that we’d spend under a tenner. And if gift-giving is love-language, I have just created the most epic poem for him.

Over the Christmas period, we have made no plans or commitments to anyone.

There have been many lovely invitations … but this year we’ve decided to create a free flow of Zen Nothingness.

Just pure, unadulterated chill time.

As white as my socks.

As a result, nothing feels constricted or premeditated.

Instead, there is a sense of freedom and spontaneity that I haven’t felt during the Hollydaze for years.

The fact that no plans have been made doesn’t mean that we won’t be going anywhere.

However, on the occasions I am out, I’m keeping drinking to the barest of miminalism.

I’m not digging the idea of hangover hell or filling this body with complex carbs to try and counteract the blurgh. If I drink, I’ll be drinking the best wine and it won’t be in excess and instead the focus of this woman’s social-situs will simply relishing the company I am in.

When I spent two months eating only raw food, I realised how many of our interactions are structured around consumption of food and drink. We meet for coffee, for lunch, for a glass of wine. Take these things away and suddenly the pleasure of socialising is in the elixir of your co-human’s beautiful energy.

So, tah dah! There you have it. One simple, white Christmas.

How is the holiday madness treating you so far and how are you looking after your precious little Inner Sage?

We are know how easily Christmas can wipe us out with too many events and not enough room in the diary, too many gifts and not enough cash in the account, too many expectations from people we don’t want to disappoint …

Make sure you give yourself the love and care you need too, darling one … and whatever you are up to, I hope you have the most gorgeous Sunday ever.

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