Shop With Gorgeousness

Bethan Christopher

Step One; Know Why You Are Going Shopping In The First Place

There are many different reasons for clothes shopping.

a. Because you just need more clothes.

b. Because you have some sort of event, meeting or special engagement that you are going to.

c. Because you feel really un-gorgeous and believe that a quick shopping spree might be just the antidote to fix you up.

d. Because it’s summer and suddenly everyone is wearing thin cottony frocks while you are still stumping around in your boots and jeans.

Before you shop, ask yourself “what is my motivation?” Are you going for practical reasons, or is your trip fuelled by needing to feel more gorgeous/enhance your gorgeousness? Today, my motivation was a mixture between a, b, c and d.

Step Two; Get Into The Gorgeousness Zone 

There is nothing WORSE than going shopping for clothes when you are feeling un-gorgeous. Have you noticed how the strip lights seem to highlight your worst bits? And how is it that you always end up in the changing room with the funny mirrors? And why does everything you try on make you look/feel ten times worse?

Inevitably, when we shop from a place of not feeling gorgeous, we end up picking clothes that match our awkwardness. We try to cover up our bad bits and buy stuff that our granny would wear. So, before you step into any clothes shop, remember to prepare yourself. Get into your gorgeousness zone. Think back and reconnect with a moment when you have felt utterly fantastic. Pull your shoulders back. Breath in deeply. Hold yourself straight and walk tall. You Are Beautiful. Believe it! Now go into the shop and choose items that a self-loving woman would choose.

 Step Three; Undress And Impress

How often do you undress in those changing rooms and dread seeing yourself 98% naked? What many women don’t realise is that when we fear/focus on all of the imperfections of our body, our experience will mirror those imperfections back to us. Not only that, but they’ll seem amplified.

Your thoughts steer your experience of yourself. When you look at your body, self or life and feel unhappy, you will simply create more and more experiences of feeling of unhappy. Your experience will mirror back to you exactly what you are thinking.

On the other hand, if you undress and look at your body, telling yourself you are gorgeous and noticing the grace and beauty of your flesh, you’ll begin to experience a sense of self acceptance and a hint of gorgeousness. Let these feelings grow. Even if you are just pretending to, imagine how you would feel if you were fully satisfied and happy with your body.  By cultivating these feelings, you will try on clothes and see yourself through the sunnies of self acceptance. You will choose and select items with self celebration in mind. The result? Bags of summer clothes (that you’ll wear again and again) and of course, bags of gorgeousness.

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