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The Isle of Wight is a brilliant place, not just because:

* The ground is made pretty much entirely of dinosaur bones

*Geologists believe there is a giant woolly mammoth skeleton under Compton Beach carpark

*Our signature dish is the fish finger sandwich

It is also brilliant because this diamond shaped shore line has attracted and continues to home some of the UKs most talented, creative and trail-blazing individuals.

Take Sangeeta Mayne, for example.

She was one of the FIRST people to bring life coaching to the UK, is co-author of Life Mapping, is featured in many coaching books and now trains and coaches high-calibre business leaders and women looking to play A BIG GAME in the world.

I feel fortunate to know Sangeeta.

I feel even more fortunate to be part of a select group of women she’s invited to an intimate coach-training retreat on the Isle of Wight. And because when we were chatting about it the other day, I sensed that there might be one or two women coaches in the Gorgeousness Tribe who would also find this retreat helpful, I said to Sangeeta “may I share the invitation?”

And she sipped her Yerba Mate tea, blinked very slowly (she has e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y long eyelashes) and said “YES!”

So … when are we talking?

Well, it isn’t that long away. At the end of September to be precise – from Friday 25th until Sunday 27th.

This is what Sangeeta has told me to expect:

“The weekend will be a comprehensive and intensive coach training in every aspect and every way. The idea is that you will walk away having learnt more, practised more, discovered more with a new found confidence, skill level and connection to the art of coaching, communication intelligence and its profession. With clarity of how you can use coaching for maximum results in your business/careers, and personal lives. My intention is for this session to be with a small group of dedicated and committed individuals only so available places are intentionally limited.”

Here is her coaching feast … Starting with Module One:

And for the main course …
And finally, for your delicious Day 3 dessert …
Sangeeta’s personal flavour of coaching is known as “High Performance Coaching For Transformation”.

One of the reasons I’m so pleased to be going on the training is because even as a coach it can be easy to get pulled off-track. We, as much as anyone, need rich environments to grow our beliefs, confidence and elevate our businesses to the next level up. It’s also always a delight to meet other coaches, experience other people’s coaching style and squeeze the juice out of an out-of-the-ordinary experience. I’m also going to be doing a live graphic facilitation as the days unfolds and all participants will be getting a copy of the visuals.


If you are a coach who is in need of a little reorientation or revitalisation, I really hope that you feel inspired to join our little pow-pow of Gorgeousness. Just drop Sangeeta an email on and arrange to call her up and have a chat. She’s very nice. Is an awesome coach. And like I mentioned before, has very beautiful eyelashes.

 “We are all inherently brilliant, instinctively wise and creative people.

Life coaching can help reveal the brilliance buried within every human.”


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