October In Review

Ahhh, I LOVE doing my months in review again.

It’s the nicest thing to look back over the last 30 odd days and reconnect with all of those sweet moments.

It’s especially nice to do this when the house is quiet, the fire is crackling and there’s a glass of red wine on the coffee table!

I hope you’ve had a beautiful October.

Here are a few snippets of mine.

Eating delicious green Goddess platters at our gorgeous restaurant, Tramezzini.

Standing with my mum and Reid, watching the tractors harvesting the crops in the fields around my childhood homestead.

Enjoying seafood chowder, whilst looking out to sea on a cold, grey evening.

The day that the skies turned yellow.

How strange was this? Apparently it was the particles of ash from the fires in Portugal as well as sand whipped up from the Sahara. It was very eerie and disconcerting, either way. It was also the same day that we set off on the ferry and past the Spinnaker Tower on our holiday to Sicily.

And then we were there.

Look at Roo’s face! hehe.

He’s clearly not amused by the state of play.

And explore we did.

Gorgeousness everywhere.

And then we were back in England.

The sky was no longer yellow, but the leaves were brown and the ground was muddy.

Reid and I needed to be in the woods, so we headed out and went treasure hunting.

(There is a treasure box under the roots of this tree. Thing is, the tree is up a fairly steep muddy bank. Thankfully Reid is tenacious.)

Another day we went and painted ceramics at a lovely pottery, nestled in the countryside.

I was going to paint a Christmas gift for someone, but couldn’t decide on what to do or for who … so eventually settled on a Gorgeousness mug just for me.

A pre-Halloween, alfresco lunch with my mum.

Before I channelled a pumpkin carving hag …

For my chocolate eyed familiar.

Heheheheheheh – wheeeeeeeeee.

That was a witchy cackling sound.

Happy Halloween lovely people!


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