Leap of Faith – The Gorgeousness Programme Finale

On Friday 28th Feb, Style of Wight headed to the IOW Kingswood Centre where a group of girls from Medina Academy were about to embark on the challenge of a life-time: to climb a 33 foot pole and then leap off in a declaration of positive self-esteem and body love.

“Kingswood was the ideal choice for the Gorgeousness Programme finale,” says Bethan Christopher, creator of the workshop that has been running at the school since November.  “The staff here are amazing – helpful and motivating. The aim of this day is to help girls and women to break glass ceilings caused by negative body image, shift their internal narrative then empower them to reach their full potential. The centre here in Bembridge provides the perfect environment and facilities for that to happen.”



One by one, the girls are helped on with their harnesses and edge gingerly towards the pole.

The first few steps up are easy, but as the rain gets heavier and metal rungs give way to soggy wood foot-supports, the going gets tough.

Confidence begins to slip.

Clapping and coaching the girls to push onwards, Bethan explains the impact that low self esteem has on the choices we make. “It leads onto all sorts of problems; substance abuse, underage sex and dysfunctional relationships to name a few. High self-esteem is a key factor in children – and adults – fulfilling their potential.”

You can't see the rain that's smashing down in this shot ...

You can’t see the rain that’s smashing down in this shot …

“The beauty of coming here is that there is no room to consider whether your hair looks nice or if your make-up is smeared. This is between the girl, their body and their mind,” Bethan grins.

She looks up at where the final student has broken through her fear and is balancing precariously on the top of the pole. The air is filled with the whoops of impassioned young women, clapping and shouting encouragement, as they stare up at their friend.

The girl painstakingly, pulls herself up on the rope until she is standing at the very top looking down on the world.

“I can’t believe I’m standing on the top of a 33 foot pole!” she cries out in disbelief. Then grabbing hold of the rope, she shuts her eyes … and leaps.

And she does it!

And she does it!

If you would like to bring the Gorgeousness Programme in your school, click here for more information or email bethan@thegorgeousnessprogramme.com

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