Day Tripper/Soul Lifter

This is my first blog in a while. It’s going to be a pretty small one as I want to ease myself in gently.

I’ve missed writing on here and now that my Man-cub is a whole, massive one year old, I feel it’s about time something happened.

On Tuesday we headed over to Bournemouth to see my darling, clever, beautiful and super-talented sister-of-step. It was so good to get off the island, particularly sitting on the ferry and seeing the sky and the land make way for the most incredible still, blue sea.

I felt my entire spirit open up as the ferry slid out into the Solent.

Felt like all the potential and freedom in the world surged up inside me. Ideas and creative inspiration bubbled up and I thought, “I need to buy myself a day return and then spend a day on this ferry going back and forth and capturing all this blissful SPACIOUSNESS in words and illustration.”

Off the ferry we drove through Christchurch to Bournemouth and went on a  walk, soaking up the warmth and the views, talking and being.

It anchored the feeling of medicinal sunshine, open spaces and pastures new. Complete tonic for the intense, wildness that has landscaped my life over recent weeks.

All in all, a gorgeous day.

Here are my favourite snaps … 

Strolling in the sand dunes

And breathe ...

Poorly Mancub hitching a lift

Me and Roo

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