3 Ways To Feel 5

Accessing your Zen: there are a catalogue of methods.

Currently I like doing things that make me feel 5.

Feeling 5 is mainly free (if not cheap) and does not involve a hangover.

Here are 3 ways that you can feel 5 too:

1. Colour in.

Colouring books have become all the rage for adults. Up until now I’ve drawn and coloured all the quotes for my Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Facebook page. I think my lovely page visitors must think I’m struck with compulsive art generosity.  Truth is, colouring keeps me sane.

2a. Look in the grass roots.

It’s warm. It’s spring. This means two things: you can get outside and be in nature/get on your belly and look in the grass roots. There’s some interesting stuff down there; critters, tiny plants, little bobbles of soil. Hell, there’s a WORLD down there. 5 year olds are party to these tiny worlds because they take time to look – and no one thinks they’re a weirdo for lying face down in the lawn.

2b. Or in daffodils.

Without being gender specific or anything, at age 5 most girls are fairy fanatics.

And fairies live in daffodil trumpets (obviously).

Whilst I’m not saying you should go sprite hunting I your garden, looking inside daffodils does transport you to another world – a bit like looking in the grass. It’s hard to think about the price of Calor Gas whilst submerging your mind in a flower. Last week I called Other Half and explained that I really needed him to bring me some daffodils home. He brought me these fairy-sized little Narcissi, which were  little too small to look in properly, so and I planted them.

3. Ride a bike.

There is nothing like peddling a bike very fast whilst heckling your any children as you overtake them.

True freedom.

100% Inner Child Release.

The other day I pinched Other Half’s bike and rode for my life. I think he must have found this amusing because yesterday I came home from delivering the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness Programme and this was waiting for me.


Thank you so much to my amazing Ads!!!


I wonder if there would be a market for people who would like to connect with the Zen Of Being 5. Imagine THAT! You pack a suitcase, come to the Isle of Wight and are provided with daily experiences to forget everything else and just BE free and light hearted.

It could be the next THING … following on from the colouring books for adults.

PS. Off subject a little, BUT, the the summer house/studio space/writing room is beginning to truly take shape now.

It is such a lovely feeling going in there …

like being transported to another world.

I’ve even found the perfect magic carpet.

And from another angle

(with guest appearance from Eldest).

That door looks a little tall. It isn’t like that in real life.

And here’s my little writing desk,

looking out across the trees and leaves to the shimmering, sparkling sea …

…which is where I am off to sit right now.


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