Worship Your Silver Fish

Life Design Action: Worship your silver fish

Requires: Saying a massive thank you to your body (including those little silvery lines aka stretch marks)… and possibly partake in some self worship

Does not require: Echoes of the Great Kate Weight Debate

Coming up to (give or take a few months) a year ago, Kate Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her gorgeous baby boy. Within 24 hours social media was crawling with comments about her belly, her post baby body and how she dared to show it. OK magazine topped the cringiness when less than a day after the lovely woman (I’m not a Royalist btw, I’m just a girl/womanist) had given birth, they published the headline “Kate’s post baby-weight loss regime.”

OK … this was NOT okay man!!

Its crazy that at a time when women should be celebrating something as beautiful, magical and amazing as giving birth, they are instead put under pressure to immediately snap back into  a card board cut out shape. This seems to have become so normalised that up until the Great Kate Baby Weight debate, no one really questioned it.

I’m not really into pointing out the shit without providing a bit of a pooper scooper and as Saturday is International Womans’ Day, I want to DO something marvellous to counteract the Post Pregnancy Polluters.

As you know (hopefully) I am a woman.

I am a woman with bump … and stretch marks from three life-giving pregnancies. I have flab. And cellulite and my boobs are not what they were before I breast fed my babies. To be honest, they wouldn’t have been what they were anyway – babies or not.

What I know though, is that my body HAS shifted and changed and altered and designed and created three small people that science will never be able even begin to understand truly. And I believe my children will go into this world and create beautiful changes and deliver whatever contribution their gorgeous unique souls ask them to.

The world OWES my body a massive thank you.

The world owes YOUR body a massive thank you.

I owe my body a massive thank you.

We ALL owe our bodies gratitude for everything they’ve done.

And for that reason, rather than wondering about how I’m ever going to fit into my old jeans again once the baby is born, I’m going to very consciously an intentionally celebrate and appreciate EVERYTHING that my body has done for me, my children, my family and the world that they are going to inhabit.

Am going to wake up and stretch and relish that stretch.

Lux up bathes with candles and Zen and in that bath, tell every last little inch of the body, how incredible and wonderful she is.

Am going to give myself the highest quality, super powered nutrition all day.

And then head for a Thai foot massage at the local pamper lounge.

Running up to the 8th, each day is going to be dedicated to BODY LOVE. I’m going to make some art from the silent scars, silver fish, shapes and historic language of this form.

Please join me!

PS. For anyone who is on Facebook and hasn’t already, look up the Grow Your Own Gorgeousness page, LIKE it and then look up The Mother Goddess and LIKE that too. Share both pages and you will be entered into a fab comp. Winners will be picked and notified within three days of International Woman’s Day -and they will win 3 signed of my book and a handmade, limited edition Mother Goddess Sculpture.

Love you. xxx

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