Theme Your Bespoke Year

When you close your eyes and intuitively feel your way into the year ahead, what comes up for you?

How do you perceive 2017 from the place you are standing now?

How does it feel – and more importantly, how does your BODY feel when you imagine 2017?

Is there a word or image that you want to help sculpt your year with?

Whatever you choose to infuse your year with, becomes the beacon that will guide your way of doing and being.

Sometimes, if we are in the middle of some crazy life storm (for example challenges at work, divorce or bereavement) seeing 2017 through fresh positive eyes can be difficult.

If you’ve been there, or are going through this, please know that I totally get it.

And you’re right – just because we’re moving through periods like New Year does not necessarily mean that the craziness of our personal world grinds to a halt and becomes magically easier.

However, we can still use the sense of new energy that is available right now, to reassess ourselves in the face of whatever we are challenged by. We can look at who we are being, how we are feeling and take a deep metaphoric breath and decide that this is a fresh new day DESPITE everything.

Taking metaphoric breaths is really helpful.

Having looked back on 2016 – and indeed – the five + years that preceded it, I have encountered a huge level of stress. Before Christmas I realised that I’ve been suffering from anxiety for a long time – as in, years. I am so used to the underlying feeling of discomfort that is has become normal to me.

Then, a month or so ago, the physical symptoms became too loud to ignore, triggering the clear realisation that some major life shifts (both outside and in my mind set) are needed in order to heal.

Since then, I’ve explored anxiety and its causes.

I learnt that huge numbers of women in my generation are experiencing a major spike in their anxiety levels.

I’ve pulled together a gentle picnic of techniques and pathways to navigate OUT of Unease-land.

So this year, in response to a need for healing and happiness, I am choosing the theme of play, beauty and ease.

These words conjour something soft, enjoyable, gracious and tranquil but also a flowing of adventure and spacious expansion.

I LOVE them.

By using these words, repeating this intention to myself, aligning my actions, plans and commitments to those qualities of being, I envisage that these things will be planted in my life experience day after day.

What will you choose as a theme for 2017?

How will you choose to flavour the year – irrespective of what life is presenting you with right now?

How would your month ahead change if you made your theme a priority each day?

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