Have A Sunday Space Assessment

Life Design Action: Have a Sunday Morning Space Assessment

Requires: Tea, a journal, some questions

Does not require: A spreadsheet


Wow. Didn’t it feel amazing to wake up this morning? The nectarine sunshine was pouring through my bedroom window with the zest of a lemon and the potential of a big fat juicy orange. The birds were up and singing and the sky was blue.

I love sunny Sunday mornings and the feeling on this Sunday morning was something else.

Its funny how certain days seem to have a certain energy to them, isn’t it? Days are almost like vessels of space, the contents of which we can use, mix up or just loll around and bathe in depending on who we are being, how we are seeing and what we are doing.

What are you going to do with this Sunday?

My plan is to take Roo out on his bike to our secret track in the fields. But first I am going to ring the Fosbury Goddess, sit in a patch of sunshine and pull the winner’s name from our Gorgeous Goddess giveaway draw. I’d also like to go and stand in the garden and feel the space out there. Maybe plant my little lavenders that have been sitting in their pots for months and months … See what the space I live in requires of me.

Just like days, have you noticed how places also have their own feeling? For example, I remember going into a tiny, ancient church in Maderia and the feeling of peace and sanctuary made the hairs on my neck prickle.

The energy of the space felt good.

On the other hand, I’ve also been to other places; houses, office blocks, train stations where the atmosphere has been heavy and dense. I’m not 100% what creates negative (and positive) energy in a space but regular visitors to this house  know that I periodically “smudge” the Sanctuary and whilst I wouldn’t declare to know for sure how it works, I know that my home feels better after one of these energy cleanses.

The House of Bethan

Could be that the psychological  imps scuttle off?

Or maybe its a pure placebo?

What I think is that what we put into an environment infuses the environment and then that environment infuses us. The invisible “story” of a place impacts the relationship between the space and  the individuals within.

What sort of space do you work in/live in/create in?

What sort of space do you spend most of your time in?

Is your environment full of space, comfort, creativity and positivity? Or is it cramped, overloaded and toxic?

As its spring – and Sunday – why don’t you stick the kettle on, grab a journal/pad and have a little ponder about the spaces you inhabit regularly.

You could draw a little pie chart type thing …

The House of Bethan

Reflect on each space that you spend your time …

Ask yourself what you like about that space, what could be changed, what you could enhance.

The House of Bethan

Finally, ask the space itself what IT would like from you …

This sounds bizarre, but I am often pleasantly surprised by the “answers” that pop into my head in reply to this question. For example, I have been preparing the room/space where this baby is going to be born and I asked the room what it wanted to have in it during the home birth.

It has asked me for something very specific, but I’ll tell you about that tomorrow …

The House of Bethan

In the meantime, from this house to yours,

I wish you a Sunday of brilliant  gorgeousness. xxx

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